Fluke 4185438 P3210 Water Deadweight Tester with Single PCU

    By Fluke | Mfr#: 4185438 | Tiger#: TS54427


    • Choice of 13 pressure ranges and unit
    • Alternative for calibration pressure devices that cannot be exposed to oil
    • Single piston design
    • Calibrate pressure up to 10,000 psi
    • Accuracy ± 0.015 % of reading
    • Built-in hand pump
    • Piston/cylinder assemblies
    • Acrylic reservoir
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    Overview for Fluke 4185438 P3210 Water Deadweight Tester with Single PCU

    The Fluke P3210 Series Water Deadweight Tester with Single PCU is a known alternative solution for calibrating pressure devices that should not be exposed or contaminated with oil. Featuring a single piston design, it is able to calibrate pressure up to 10,000 psi with a ± 0.015 percent of reading accuracy. This deadweight tester has a built-in hand pump that primes the system.

    This P3210 deadweight tester features piston/cylinder assemblies that are manufactured from durable materials that assure precision and durability. It includes standard weight masses that balanced the upward force made by the pressure within the system. Also, it has an acrylic reservoir that allows the fluid level and quality to be seen clearly.

    For good system maintenance, it features a built-in drain plug. It comes with a detachable lid that allows the devices to be effortlessly portable and mobile. In addition, it includes a mounted spirit level and adjustable feet.

    Please Note: Kindly inform customer service of your local gravity to ensure adjustment of weights in the units ordered (Ineligible for stock rotations as each unit is custom).

    Configuration Options

    The Fluke P3210 Series Water Deadweight Tester with Single PCU offers 13 pressure ranges and unit. Please choose from the drop-down menu above.

    • 4185391: Fluke P3211-MPA Water Deadweight Tester, 3.5 MPa
    • 4185357: Fluke P3211-BAR Water Deadweight Tester, 35 Bar
    • 4185369: Fluke P3211-KGCM2 Water Deadweight Tester, 35 kgf/cm2
    • 4185438: Fluke P3213-MPA Water Deadweight Tester, 35 MPa
    • 4185477: Fluke P3214-MPA Water Deadweight Tester, 70 MPa
    • 4185406: Fluke P3213-BAR Water Deadweight Tester, 350 Bar
    • 4185414: Fluke P3213-KGCM2 Water Deadweight Tester, 350 kgf/cm2
    • 4185378: Fluke P3211-PSI Water Deadweight Tester, 500 psi
    • 4185445: Fluke P3214-BAR Water Deadweight Tester, 700 Bar
    • 4185450: Fluke P3214-KGCM2 Water Deadweight Tester, 700 kgf/cm2
    • 4185384: Fluke P3211-KPA Water Deadweight Tester, 3,500 kPa
    • 4185423: Fluke P3213-PSI Water Deadweight Tester, 5,000 psi
    • 4185461: Fluke P3214-PSI Water Deadweight Tester, 10,000 psi