Sherrilltree 22068 Nelco 3/4" Green Tree Guying Cable

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 22068 | Tiger#: TS90316


    • Safe and easy to use
    • Polypropylene material provides strength to the tape
    • Resistant to temperature and chemicals
    • Unique weave design with round edges prevents bark damage
    • Test strength of 900lbs
    • Softer than a usual rope or cord
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 22068 Nelco 3/4" Green Tree Guying Cable

    The Nelco 3/4" Green Tree Guying Cable is a revolutionary tree tie made for staking and guying trees conveniently and economically. It is made up of flat-woven polypropylene material that provides its strength and resistance against external variables. It is soft, safe, and easier to install in comparison to the traditional tree guying cables, ties, or hoses and can downright replace them. Its olive green color blends well into the landscape and does not make the surroundings look hideous or messy.

    Good Composition: The tree guying cable is colored olive green and is made from flat woven polypropylene material. It is ¾ inch wide and is available in convenient sizes. It also comes with a lockstitch surface with a rounded weave to give it softer edges.

    Easy and Quick Installation: The good thing about the tree guying cable is that is easy and fast to install. It can be fastened to any stake, rod, or anchoring system with the help of traditional knots or nails. No heavy or expensive equipment is required for its installation.

    Resistance Against Extreme Weather: This staking and guying green cable are highly resistant to bad weather conditions. With its 900 lbs breaking strength, it can withstand fierce winds with ease and yet allow enough sway for good trunk development. Furthermore, the polypropylene material of the cable prevents it from scraping and scratching, thus increasing its life.

    Maximum Tree Protection: The green tree guying cable provides maximum strength and protection to the trees from girdling and injuries. It is flat-woven and has an exclusive rounded weave that gives it a softer edge and prevents it from cutting deep into the tree barks or stems. This weave also prevents the cable from unraveling, letting it last for a longer time.

    Product Choices:

    Other than all these great features, this tree guying tie is also available in different lengths to allow for appropriate adjustment and installation as per tree size.

    • NEL22068: 250 ft Green Cable
    • NEL22083: 500 ft Green Cable