Industrial Magnetics Inc. MCLPAE2000 Magmate Vehicle Mounted Electric Manhole Cover Lift

    By Industrial Magnetics Inc. | Mfr#: MCLPAE2000 | Tiger#: TS23336
    • IMI Magmate Manhole Cover Lift Electric MCLPAE2000
    • Magmate


    • For vehicle mounting
    • Lifting hoist
    • 3-foot arm extension
    • 180 degree swing radius
    • Lifts up to 400 pounds
    • Fits vehicles with 2-inch square receiver hitch
    • 2-Pole DC power connector
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    Vehicle not included!

    Overview for Industrial Magnetics Inc. MCLPAE2000 Magmate Vehicle Mounted Electric Manhole Cover Lift

    The Industrial Magnetics Magmate Manhole Cover Lift MCLPAE20000 easily removes and replaces manhole covers with the use of an electric winch attached to your vehicle.  It uses 12V DC power and has a 15-foot control cord. This has been recently upgraded, and the new version now uses a hoist instead of a winch.

    No more strenuous lifting. The arm extends 3 feet has a double-jointed elbow and a wide 180 degree radius swing for enhanced flexibility. This gives ample room to select the best position to attach the magnet for optimum leverage to successfully remove the cover.  At 70 pounds, this device is able to lift a maximum of 400 pounds using rare earth magnets (not included).

    Vehicle Compatibility

    The Electric Manhole PowerArm System attaches to any vehicle with a 2-inch square receiver hitch and is ideal for handling manhole covers that are heavy or stuck.  You can also use it to lower sewer nozzles, camera tractors, pipe plugs, or other items into the hole.  This resourceful tool includes a galvanized cable with a latch hook and a convenient 2-Pole DC power connector, heavy-gauge 13’ long lead to connect hoist to vehicle battery, (+) positive terminal and 6’ long ground cable to connect to vehicle frame.

    To use the lifting hoist, the current draw will overload the 7-blade connection system using  a two-pole DC connector with a 13 ft. long, 2 awg red - positive lead and a 3 ft. long, 2 awg black - negative lead. Both leads have ring terminals. The red lead should be routed to the the vehicle battery, while the black lead is to be grounded to the vehicle frame. 



    Please note that manhole covers must be loose prior to lifting.