Fisher 43381 M-97 Valve and Box Locator with 11" Search Coil *DISCONTINUED*

    By Fisher | Mfr#: 43381 | Tiger#: TS79370


    • Finds buried or paved over metals  
    • Ergonomic handle and easily accessible control panel 
    • High sensitivity for effective penetration through asphalt, soil, or concrete 
    • Audio and visual alerts 
    • Easy-to-store, compact design 
    • 11” waterproof coil 
    • Operating frequency: 4.5 kHz 
    • Battery life up to 25 - 35 hour
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    Overview for Fisher 43381 M-97 Valve and Box Locator with 11" Search Coil

    The M-97 Valve and Box Locator is an all-metal detector specifically designed to search for buried or paved over valves, boxes, manhole covers, and other concealed metallic objects. It can sense 3” aluminum and brass markers up to 18” deep, valve boxes up to 18” deep, and manholes up to 42” deep. Able to search through concrete, asphalt, and soil, the M-97 can also sense targets made of lead, brass, and aluminum.  

    User-Friendly Design Designed to make metal detection as easy as possible, the M-97 features an ergonomic handle that provides easy access to the control panel. The control panel features two knobs, a button, and a meter. One knob is for turning the detector on and off and for manual ground compensation, and the other knob is for setting the sensitivity or modes of operation (Normal, High, and Battery Test). The push-button is for rebalancing the instrument to quickly return to the original, balanced settings after a search.  

    Audio and Visual Alerts The M-97’s meter gives a visual indicator of the battery strength when used in the Battery Test mode. When the detector’s search coil starts to pass over a metal object during a search, the detector’s audible tone increases in volume and the meter readings also spike up. You can also use a headphone (not included) to hear the audio alerts more clearly especially in a noisy setting. Using a headphone also saves battery and prevents the sound from bothering bystanders.  

    Eliminates False Signals The M-97 is also a Ground Effect Rejection VLF, or Very Low Frequency, metal detector, which means that it automatically eliminates false signals from soils or pavements due to high mineralization, among other causes. This means you will only search for and locate metal targets that you were looking for, saving you time, money, and effort. 

    The M-97 also has a waterproof search coil, adjustable shaft with lockable stem, and a compact, collapsible design for easy storage and transport. With a long battery life that lasts up to 25 - 35 hours depending on use, the M-97 Valve and Box Locator with 11” Search Coil is a convenient and accurate detector for buried or concealed metals in most environments.