Spectra Precision LL300N-BCA LL300N Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

    By Spectra Precision | Mfr#: LL300N-BCA | Tiger#: TS10064


    • Range up to 1,650 feet with laser receiver
    • Self-leveling within ±5 degrees
    • Accuracy ±3/32 inch at 100 feet
    • Optional RC601 provides Single-axis slope mode
    • Out-of-level alert
    • IP66 dustproof & powerful water jet resistant
    • Shockproof up to 3 feet
    • Thread 5/8-11
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      Overview for Spectra Precision LL300N-BCA LL300N Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

      The Spectra Precision LL300N Self-Leveling Laser is ideal for elevation controls, excavations, basic slopes, leveling forms and footers, concrete pours, and more. It features one-button operation, highly rugged design, and a single-axis slope mode that provides grade matching with a self-leveling cross axis for improved accuracy. With a working range of up to 1,650 feet, this rotary laser also includes a laser receiver for enhanced reception outdoors.

      Self-leveling horizontally within ±5 degrees, the LL300N has an accuracy of ±3/32 inch per 100 feet and a 600 rpm rotation speed. It has a removable rotor cage that enables unobstructed 360-degree coverage and a 5/8-11 thread that allows you to mount it horizontally or vertically to a tripod. To avoid inaccurate readings, this laser level also features an out-of-level alert that shuts off the unit when knocked out of place.

      With an IP66 protection rating, the LL300N can withstand adverse environmental conditions, such as heavy rain and dust. Its patented lighthouse seal protects the rotor head and glass and offers superior drop protection. Using four D-cell alkaline batteries, this rotary laser works up to 90 hours and approximately 45 hours with the optional rechargeable NiMH batteries.


      The Spectra Precision LL300N Self-Leveling Laser comes in options that differ in their configurations. Packages with Receiver comes with an Adapter Clamp, and options with Rechargeable Batteries include a Universal Charger. Kindly choose your preference in the dropdown menu above.


      Featuring a digital readout of elevation and dual LCD display, the optional Spectra HL450 laser detector enables fast grade checking and laser readings. It also has a large 4-inch reception height, two accuracy settings, and an anti-strobe sensor.



      The optional Spectra HR320 laser detector features front and rear LCDs that graphically shows grade information. This receiver also has five display channels that indicate grade position, a 90-degree reception angle, and two selectable accuracies.



      The Spectra LL300N also has an optional RC601 remote control that allows construction professionals to access the laser’s manual single slope mode up to 100 feet away.





      Configuration Options

      • LL300N-BCA: With Alkaline Battery
      • LL300N-BCC: With Rechargeable Battery
      • LL300N: With HL450 Receiver & Alkaline Battery
      • LL300N-4: With HL450 Receiver & Rechargeable Battery
      • LL300N-1: With HL450 Receiver, Alkaline Battery, Aluminum Tripod & GR151 15' Grade Rod (Feet/10ths)
      • LL300N-2: With HL450 Receiver, Alkaline Battery, Aluminum Tripod & GR152 15' Grade Rod (Feet/8ths)
      • LL300N-3: With HL450 Receiver, Alkaline Battery, Aluminum Tripod & GR153 15' Grade Rod (Metric)
      • LL300N-8: With HR320 Receiver & Alkaline Battery
      • LL300N-5: With RC601 Remote Control, HL450 Receiver, Rechargeable Battery, Aluminum Tripod & 15' Grade Rod (Cut-Fill)
      • LL300N-6: With RC601 Remote Control, HL450 Receiver, Rechargeable Battery, Aluminum Tripod & GR153 15' Grade Rod (Metric)
           No Cost 5-Year Warranty offers no repair charge for parts and labor of the laser.     
           Shock Proof ensures this construction laser withstands a three feet drop onto concrete.     
           A hard-shelled, portable System Case is available to house the laser, receiver, clamp, tripod, and grade rod.       
           Optional Infrared Remote control allows the laser to be sloped whilst still remaining self-leveled in the cross axis. This is ideal for grade matching when working on driveways or patios.     


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      Current Model
      Spectra Precision LL300N-BCA LL300N Self-Leveling Rotary Laser
      Class 3A/3RClass 2Class 2Class 3A
      HorizontalHorizontalHorizontal and verticalHorizontal and vertical
      VisibleVisibleHighly VisibleHighly Visible
      635 - 670 nm650 nm650 nm635nm
      Up to 1,650 feet (500 m) Up to 2,600 feet (800m)up to 1,000 feet (300 m) with HR320 receiverUp to 1,000 feet (300m) with detector
      N/AN/AN/AUp to 100 feet (30m)
      N/AN/AUp to 100 feet (30 m)Up to 150 feet (50 m)
      hideSelf Leveling
      ±5 degrees±5 degrees±5 degrees±5 degrees horizontal/vertical (when laid on side)
      hideBattery Life Alert
      hideBattery Life with Alkaline Batteries
      Up to 90 hoursUp to 60 hoursUp to 80 hoursUp to 50 hours
      hideBattery Life with Rechargeable Battery Pack
      Up to 45 hoursUp to 47 hoursN/AUp to 45 / 25 Ni-MH / Ni-CD not included
      hidePower Source
      D-cell alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries4 x D-cell NiMH or alkaline batteries2 x D-cell Alkaline batteries2 x D-cell alkaline batteries
      hideAdjustable Rotating Speed
      600 RPM600 RPM600 RPM0, 50 ,200, 600 RPMs
      hideAutomatic Shut-Off
      N/AN/AOn Receiver after 30 minutesOn Remote after 30 minutes
      hideBuilt-in Bubble Vial
      hideBump Sensor (H.I./Out of Position Alert)
      hideDetecting Indicator
      N/AN/AN/ARed Hi/Low, Green on-grade
      N/AN/AOn ReceiverDual LED (on Receiver only)
      hideDrop Damage Protection
      YesUp to 3 feet onto concreteYesYes
      hideDual Handles
      hideOne-Touch Commands
      N/AN/AYesOn unit and remote