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    Notch KRKN12-120-NS Kraken 1/2" Rigging Double Braid Rope

    By Notch | Mfr#: KRKN12-120-NS | Tiger#: TS90061


    • ABL Polymer coating for UV protection
    • Perfect for SRT climbing
    • High-visibility coloring can be seen in any environment
    • Low-creep rope
    • Abrasion resistant polyester jacket
    • Parallel twisted polyester core
    • Standard Diameter: 1/2"
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    Overview for Notch KRKN12-120-NS Kraken 1/2" Rigging Double Braid Rope

    The Notch Kraken 1/2" Rigging Rope is an ideal choice for SRT tree climbing. Notch Kraken suits your choice because it comes with a polyester core that provides its strength as well as the ability to protect against any damage. The thickness of this rope makes your hand have a comfortable experience and a good grip. Therefore, Notch Kraken has all the best features combined in one rope.

    Coloring: The high visibility colors that Notch Kraken Rope has, not only creates a decorative look but also enhances its visuals in any space be it woods or mountains. The 1/2" Rigging Rope comes in a blue color, and It has middle marks so that you get to have an idea about the height of your climbing area.

    Construction: The cover of this rope is woven tightly so that it may load the weight safely. The special construction of the Notch Kraken adds to its features by making it thick, unique, and efficient for safe climbing. You can ascend and descend your position without any stretch.

    Durability: Notch Dragon has a diameter of about 1/2" (13mm) that is thick enough to grip perfectly into your hands. With this diameter, the rope gets to have an average weight and lasts longer. The rope of such a diameter fits perfectly into the belay device, making your climbing much safer.

    Tensile Strength & Working Load Limit: The Notch Kraken 1/2" Rope has a value of 10,710 lbs. (47.7kN) for its tensile strength & has a working load limit of 1,110 lbs (4.9 kN), which indicates that the rope could take multiple falls and can be used for heavy loads. These are the most important features that climbers would like to have in their rope. Hence, Notch Kraken would not disappoint you when it comes to the tensile strength and load capacity of the rope.

    Dry Coating: The standard non-treated ropes get to absorb moisture. Therefore, Notch Kraken Rope comes with a dry coating over the Polyester jacket. It resists moisture and has polyester static construction which makes sure that the rope does not get too weighty when it encounters dirt or water. The dry coating of the Notch Kraken makes it efficient to resist UV and abrasion.

    Product Options

    The Notch Kraken 1/2" Rigging Rope comes in different product options that differ on the length of the rope and their end type . Please choose your preference on the drop-down menu above.

    • 120' - Standard Ends (KRKN12-120-NS)
    • 120' - One End Tight Eye Splice (KRKN12-120-TS)
    • 150' - Standard End (KRKN12-150-NS)
    • 150' - Standard Eye Splice w/ Rapid Rig (KRKN12-150-RR)
    • 150' - One End Standard Eye Splice (KRKN12-150-S)
    • 150' - Two Ends Standard Eye Splice (KRKN12-150-SS)
    • 200' - Standard Ends (KRKN12-200-NS)
    • 200' - Standard Eye Splice w/ Rapid Rig (KRKN12-200-RR)
    • 200' - One End Standard Eye Splice (KRKN12-200-S)
    • 200' - Two Ends Standard Eye Splice (KRKN12-200-SS)
    • 600' - Standard Ends (KRKN12-600-NS)
    • 600' - Standard Eye Splice w/ Rapid Rig (KRKN12-200-RR)
    • 600' - One End Standard Eye Splice (KRKN12-600-S)