Airmax 160195 KoiAir 2 Aeration Kit *DISCONTINUED*

    By Airmax | Mfr#: 160195 | Tiger#: TS94500
    • KoiAir 2 Aeration Kit AIR160195
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    • Designed for up to 8,000 - 16,000 Gallons of Water, up to 4’ Deep
    • Aerator For Ponds, Large Water Gardens & Features 
    • Features Whisper-quiet SilentAir KA40 Aeration Pumps
    • Pushes up to 1.70 CFMs of Oxygen
    • Comes w/ 6' Power Cord & Check Valve
    • Has 1 Roll 50' L x 3/8" D of Easyset Weighted Airline for Oxygen Delivery
    • Two Diffuser Plates w/ Dual Membrane Sticks for Oxygen Absorption
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    Overview for Airmax 160195 KoiAir 2 Aeration Kit

    The Airmax KoiAir 2 Aeration Kit is a powerful, energy-efficient device that provides maximum aeration and water circulation in ponds, large water gardens, and water features. It is designed for conditions from 8,000 to 16,000 gallons with a maximum depth of 4 feet or less. This highly-efficient Aeration Kit features heavy-duty air pumps, a strong weighted airline, an easy control system, and an overall dependable function. It comes with a 3-year warranty. 

    High-Quality Device: This Airmax KoiAir device is equipped with whisper-quiet SilentAir KA40 aeration pumps that can push up to 1.70 CFMs of oxygen. These pumps run on 35 watts, and can efficiently provide air continuously without large power usage. This 115V device comes with a 6’ power cord, and has a standard dimensions of 10" L x 7" W x 7.5" H.

    Heavy-Duty Weighted Airline & Check Valve: This KoiAir 2 Kit features a roll of 50' L x 3/8" D Easyset Weighted Airline, which is designed to be flexible and automatically sinks even when filled with air. This Airline is a kink-free and fishhook-resistant weighted tube that effectively delivers oxygen to the water. The Aeration Kit also includes a check valve and hose clamps that help in managing the air circulation, prevents back pressure on the compressor, and ultimately avoids water damage to the aeration device.

    Specialized Diffuser Plates & Membrane Sticks: The KoiAir 2 comes with two (2) diffuser plates, each has a 3/8" barbed inlet to easily hook-up the airline, and provides threaded female dual outlets that accommodate two (2) membrane diffuser sticks each. The four (4) diffuser sticks all have a 6" length, effectively improve oxygen absorption by releasing tiny oxygen bubbles into the water column, and avoid cracking and leaking problems.