PCE PCE-VE 200SV3 Industrial Inspection Camera w/ 9.9' L Cable

    By PCE | Mfr#: PCE-VE 200SV3 | Tiger#: TS96356
    • Industrial Inspection Camera w/ 9.9' L Cable PCEPCE-VE--200SV3
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    • For Non-Destructive Inspections of Machines, Engines, Drains, Sewers & Pipes
    • For Identifying & Assessing Broken Machinery Parts
    • Offers Magnification Boost Feature (2-Fold to 4-Fold)
    • Comes w/ 3m (9.9') L Cable
    • Has 9mm D Flexible Head & LED Lights for Enhanced Brightness
    • Data Storage on Internal Memory or in SD Card
    • Features 3.5" LCD Monitor for Live Viewing
    • Comes w/ IP67 Ingress Protection Rating
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    NOT for Medical Use.

    Overview for PCE PCE-VE 200SV3 Industrial Inspection Camera w/ 9.9' L Cable

    The PCE Industrial Inspection Camera w/ 9.9' L Cable is a reliable industrial device that is used by engineers, construction and HVAC professionals to do non-destructive inspections (NDI) and diagnosis on hard-to-reach areas of engines, machines, and equipment. Also known as an industrial borescope or a videoscope, this tool can be a great use in identifying broken machinery parts, which can potentially help in avoiding work hazards and accidents, and can also be used to inspect automotive parts, and small spaces like vents, ducts, walls, pipes, sewers and more.

    High-Quality & Durable: This PCE inspection camera comes with a 3.5" screen display for actual viewing, and a durable 9mm (0.4") D camera head. It comes with bright, adjustable LED lightings for a more enhanced brightness during inspections, and a digital image enlargement feature (2-fold, 3-fold or 4-fold magnification), for a more improved imaging even in the dark.

    This battery-operated inspection camera has an included 3m (9.9') L cable to access long lengths of hard-to-reach area, and as well as accommodate pipe bends and small diameters. It can capture and save images and videos in the device itself, or the user can insert a micro SD memory card on the slot on the device, that can be used to store and transfer data for later assessments. It comes with IP67 ingress protection rating, ensuring camera protection from dust and against liquid upon immersion of up to 1m.