Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced Action Cement Mixer

    By Collomix | Mfr#: XM 2 650 | Tiger#: TS29549


    • 1 Man operable
    • Appropriate for mixing any materials
    • Appropriate for all viscosities of mixtures
    • 2 Options of mixing tool sets
    • 2 Speed options
    • High torque
    • Timer (3 options)
    • 13 Gallon mixing capacity
    • Wheels for easy mobility
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    Overview for Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced Action Cement Mixer

    The Collomix Heavy Duty Forced Action Mixer XM2-650 makes mixing all kinds of construction materials a smooth and straightfoward job. Whether you need to mix concrete, epoxy-based mortar, grout, or liquid plastic, the Collomix XM2-650 is there to support you. It's so simple and easy to operate that one person can do it with no problem. It works for mixing any materials of any viscosity. It moves on wheels for easy one-person mobility. The XM2-650 will be with you through thick and thin.

    Mix and Match Mixology

    This concrete mixer has a 1.5 hp motor with planetary gearing that gives you high torque for speed and power no matter how thick and resistant your materials. You have 2 speed options – 150 rpm and 770 rpm – and 3 mixing tools. There are 2 universal mixing tools for use with heavy, high-viscosity materials, such as ready-mixed mortar, quartz-filled epoxy-resins, or fine concrete. If you need to mix up a batch of light, thin-bodied material, use the Dissolver, a star-shaped mixing paddle that rotates at 770 rpm. The Dissolver will whip the lumps out of self-leveling materials, flooring mixes, and pouring mortars in no time. Each mixing tool has its own spindle. To avoid confusion, the spindles for the Dissolver and the universal mixing tools are fitted with different threads. All the mixing tools are height adjustable and easy to clean. The rubber-lipped rim scraper scrapes the sides clean and keeps everything moving.

    Reproduce the Same Mix Every Time

    You have 3 timer options to help maintain quality control of your mixes. You can set the Collomix XM2-650 to run for 90 sec, 180 sec, or continuously. Make sure you have an even and thorough mix every time by choosing the appropriate setting. A short working life doesn't need to spell a death sentence with the Collomix forced action mixer.

    This concrete mixer will mix up to 13 gallons of material in its 17-gallon mixing tub. For more mixing support, the optional bucket dolly holds the filled tub level during transportation, allowing you to move and pour your mix with ease.

    The Collomix XM2-650 comes with a 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship.