Collomix TMS 2000 Heavy Duty Compact Mixer *DISCONTINUED*

    By Collomix | Mfr#: TMS 2000 | Tiger#: TS25784


    • One-man operable
    • Three-arm mixing tool with edge scraper
    • For dry and highly viscous materials
    • 42 rpm mixing speed/2.7 hp motor
    • Quick-slide opening for off-loading mixture
    • Height to bottom of discharge chute 24.8”
    • Automatic power cut-off function
    • Fold-down platform for extra stability
    • Narrow and fits through small spaces
    • Mixing capacity 20 gallons
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    Overview for Collomix TMS 2000 Heavy Duty Compact Mixer

    Collomix's Collomatic TMS 2000 compact automatic mixer takes onsite mixing to a whole new level. What happens when you've got a sack of material (screed, concrete, or the like) and need to make a whole batch? You can always take a bucket, make a tear in the sack and try to pour all of it into the bucket. Chances are it won't all get in. And then, once you've added the water, you've got to actually mix it.

    But what if you knew that you could get all the material into the bucket on the first try? What if it was really easy to just "set it and forget it". Think of the amount of time it would save if you were able to start the mixing process and continue on with what you were doing! The TMS 2000 mixer allows for that. It's loaded with features that make the whole operation swift and easy.

    The Collomix TMS 2000 has a ripping bar that allows you to just put the sack on top of the mixer's grate and it'll open the sack for you. All you'll need to do is shift the sack slightly and all the material will get into the mixing chamber without wasting time or materials.

    The 3-arm mixing tool is especially designed to thoroughly and reliably mix large quantities of heavy materials like plaster, mortar, screed, and concrete. The mixing basin can hold up to 26 gallons, with a mixing capacity of 20 gallons, and the mixing tool has no problem keeping up with the demand. It also comes with a "segmental slide". This allows you to put a bucket or wheelbarrow under the mixing basin, and with the turn of a handle, the contents will empty into whatever you have below to catch it. This way you don't need to move the machine all around the job site.

    Collomix always has safety in mind. The Collomatic 2000 mixer has a protective grill over the mixing chamber. It features a safety cutout switch and voltage release. When you lift the grate to the mixing basin, the power will automatically shut off. This ensures that no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged from a moving mixing blade. It also has a fold-down platform for added stability.

    Another point in the TMS 2000's favor: It's super easy to clean! No tools are needed to take out the mixer. You simply lift the mixing tool right out of the mixing chamber. The hexagon drive shaft is solid and rugged. It's meant to withstand wear and tear.

    And one of the best things about the Collomatic TMS is that it's super easy to transport. It has wheels that allow it to be moved around like a hand truck, and wheels on the back of the machine that make sliding it in and out of vehicles really simple. One man can do it alone!