Weaver Arborist 39543 Haas Velox Climbing Knee Ascender

    By Weaver Arborist | Mfr#: 39543 | Tiger#: TS92176
    • Velox Climbing Knee Ascender WEA39543
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    • Used for Efficient & Reliable Ascent During Climbing
    • Comes w/ a Versatile Bungee, Snap & Foot Step
    • Made from High-Quality & Durable Materials
    • One-Size-Fits-All Design & Zero Set-Up
    • Offers Full Length Elongation w/ its Double Rope System
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    Overview for Weaver Arborist 39543 Haas Velox Climbing Knee Ascender

    The Weaver Arborist Haas Velox Climbing Knee Ascender is a heavy-duty and highly durable tool used by arborists to ensure a safe and effective ascent during climbing procedures. This improved device added 18" of bungee, from the original Haas Ascent System, making the total length of the ascender to 30". Providing the user with efficiency, reliability, and a smoother and easier climbing, this gear is a perfect tool that tree professionals will appreciate.

    This Haas Velox Ascender is made of heavy-duty nylon material, with a high-quality snap tied above it, and an attached durable foot step on its end. It is designed to be a double tube system, allowing 30” of in-line bungee to be within the unit, and offering a full length elongation. This mechanism creates a versatile and smooth ascent system with zero set-up, and offers a one-size-fits-all design which can be used without any adjustments. 

    The bungee is designed to terminate at the top of the ascender, travel down through a channel, and wrap around an aluminum block sheave with stainless steel bearings, ultimately reducing friction during climbing. This replaceable bungee then returns back up a second channel where it is tied to a snap, ensuring an effective and reliable ascent for the climber. This standard length Velox Knee Ascender with its attached foot step offers a reliable and efficient rope walking system using both of the user’s legs.