Sherrilltree 28579 Galvanized Steel Common Grade Cable

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 28579 | Tiger#: TS90294
    • 250ft Galvanized Steel Common Grade Cable COB28579-
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    • Easy to install and splice
    • Good ductility, flexibility & fatigue resistance
    • Soft annealed for reduced internal stress  
    • Left-hand lays to minimize untwists or kinks
    • Stiff construction even in small diameter
    • Breaking strength of up to 4250 lbs
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 28579 Galvanized Steel Common Grade Cable

    The Common Grade Cable is a strong galvanized cable designed for enhanced cabling performance. Its tough construction with intertwined strands makes it resilient yet flexible. The 7-flex galvanized steel strands in the core provide ample fatigue resistance, improved flexibility, and ductility to the rope, making it a prioritized choice of many arborists.

    Solid  Construction: The galvanized common-grade cable has a stiff construction irrespective of the varying diameters. It is taut yet malleable. It is made up of galvanized steel and has 7 strands twisted together through a left-hand lay mechanism to reduce kinks or untwists caused by external hazards.

    Strong and Flexible: This wire rope is strong enough to secure and support larger trees in place. The plaited strands make it strong and highly flexible at the same time. When bending, the common grade strand will stay bent and not collapse. Furthermore, it is soft annealed which allows it to reduce internal stresses easily.

    Fatigue and Corrosion Resistant: Another good feature of the common grade wire is that it provides resistance against factors like internal cable stress, bending fatigue, and corrosion. Due to the amazing combination of outer wire size and internal 7 strands, this wire offers improved resistance to bending fatigue. While the galvanized finish prevents it from corrosion for a long time.

    Easy to install & Splice: The common grade wire rope is easy and quick to install. It requires less hardware and time for installation. Its malleability and flexibility make it easier to work with, particularly in splicing for connecting or supporting trees.

    Product options:

    All of these features make the common-grade cable a remarkable choice for cabling and bracing. It is available in several diameters for better adjustability.

    • SHE28579: Common Grade Cable 1/8" x 250'
    • SHE28578: Common Grade Cable 3/16" x 250'
    • SHE14981: Common Grade Cable 1/4" x 250'
    • SHE10678: Common Grade Cable 3/8" x 150'
    • SHE14983: Common Grade Cable 3/8" x 250'
    • SHE10677: Common Grade Cable 5/16"; x 200'
    • SHE14984: Common Grade Cable 5/16"; x 250'