Buckingham SRFS-24 Friction Saver Nylon Sling w/ Rings

    By Buckingham | Mfr#: SRFS-24 | Tiger#: TS90077


    • Constructed from durable, pliable 1" tubular nylon webbing
    • Sewn with high-quality thread to form a loop
    • MBS of 23 kN provides great durability
    • Aluminum rings are color coded for easy identification
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    Overview for Buckingham SRFS-24 Friction Saver Nylon Sling w/ Rings

    The Buckingham Friction Saver Nylon Sling is meant to keep you safe while climbing by reducing line friction. This lanyard has been designed to protect the climber in the case equipment shock loading or other hazardous aspects while extending the longevity of the ropes or climbing lines.

    Utility: Both ends have an aluminum ring sewn into the webbing. One ring has a width of 1" and the other has 2" thickness. The rings are color coded for easy identification during retrieval. This sling's construction makes it suitable to be used as a false crotch while also preventing tree damage during any operation.

    Durable: This lanyard is made of a high-quality tubular nylon webbing. A thickness of 1” makes it ideal to sustain a heavy load. The nylon webbing pattern also provides additional strength and tear-resistance in high-strain conditions. Made from nylon webbing, each ringed end is full strength and can withstand and absorb impact forces. Thus, it is a very safe and reliable utility for any user.

    Product Options

    The Buckingham Friction Saver Nylon Sling comes in different variations that differ on the sling length and rings included. Kindly choose your preference on the options menu above.

    • 24"L Sling w/ Steel Rings (SRFS-24)
    • 36"L Sling w/ Steel Rings (SRFS-36)
    • 48"L Sling w/ Steel Rings (SRFS-48)
    • 72"L Sling w/ Steel Rings (SRFS-72)
    • 24"L Sling w/ Aluminum Rings (ARFS-24)
    • 36"L Sling w/ Aluminum Rings (ARFS-36)
    • 48"L Sling w/ Aluminum Rings (ARFS-48)
    • 72"L Sling w/ Aluminum Rings (ARFS-72)