Spectra Geospatial FOCUS50-HW-A Focus 50 Robotic Total Station

    By Spectra Geospatial | Mfr#: FOCUS50-HW-A | Tiger#: TS93995
    • Focus 50 Robotic Total Station – Autolock Base Hardware SPEFOCUS50-HW-A
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    • Single-prism range: Up to 5,500 m (18,045 ft)
    • Reflectorless range: Up to 1,300 m (4,265 ft)
    • Available Options: Cabled or wireless connection
    • Autolock prism-tracking technology
    • Cabled connection to data controllers
    • Real-time tripod movement error corrections
    • IP65 dustproof and low-pressure water jet resistant
    • Battery life up to 30 hours
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    Angular Accuracy is not included - Sold Separately

    Overview for Spectra Geospatial FOCUS50-HW-A Focus 50 Robotic Total Station

    The Spectra Geospatial Focus 50 is an advanced total station with ultrafast precise measurements, real-time error correction, and automatic prism tracking and locking. Its advanced features can save so much time by getting accurate measurements the first time, every time. Available in two base models and many add-ons for extra features, this versatile instrument seamlessly connects with Spectra and third-party data controllers via a cabled or optional wireless connection. 

    Ultrafast Measurements with MagDrive: MagDrive is Trimble’s revolutionary technology that integrates servos and angle sensors for increased speed and accuracy. It silently turns to and repeats angle measurements at speeds as high as 100+ degrees per second, giving surveyors effortless ultra-smooth control for precision pointing and fine adjustments. 

    Real-Time Error Corrections with SurePoint: Little tripod movements are inevitable in any setup and can cause disastrous measurement errors. The SurePoint technology eliminates these errors in real-time, ensuring the accuracy of your horizontal and vertical angles at all times.

    Fast and Accurate Tracking with AutoLock: All Focus 50 models are capable of automatically tracking and locking onto prisms with the AutoLock technology. This eliminates errors caused by manual aiming and saves time by not having to re-point for every observation. 

    Compatible with Powerful Spectra Field Software: The Focus 50 easily pairs with Spectra’s suite of field software options including Origin, their modern field surveying software with advanced features like one-tap feature coding, powerful COGO computing, and more. It also works well with the older Survey Pro and the Layout Pro which lets you layout the site at the fraction of the time it would take with tape measures and string lines. 

    With the latest and best angle measurement technologies by Spectra Geospatial, the Focus 50 Robotic Total Station empowers surveyors to efficiently produce high-quality results. 

    Configuration Options


    The Spectra Geospatial Focus 50 is available in two basic hardware models:

    • AutoLock Base Hardware w/ Cabled Connection (FOCUS50-HW-A)
    • Long-Range Robotic Base Hardware w/ Interference-Free Long-Range Wireless Connection via 2.4 GHz Radio (FOCUS50-HW-LRR)

    If you want to be able to wirelessly connect to a data controller via long-range Bluetooth, you can upgrade the AutoLock Base Hardware by purchasing the following add-on (sold as an accessory): 

    • AutoLock to Short-Range Robotic Upgrade: Equips the AutoLock Base Hardware w/ Long-Range Bluetooth (FOCUS50-OPT-SRR)
      *IMPORTANT: This upgrade add-on must only be purchased with the AutoLock Base Hardware.

    Depending on a number of factors like the line of sight or radio traffic, the Short-Range Robotic Bluetooth Model can connect to the Ranger 5 Data Controller from 150-500m, the Ranger 7 from 100-350m, and the ST10 from 50-100m. 


    Please note that the base Focus 50 hardware does not come with angular accuracy configurations by default. To equip your Focus 50 with your preferred angular accuracy, you must purchase the following add-ons as you place your order:

    • FOCUS50-CFG-01: 1” Angular Accuracy
    • FOCUS50-CFG-02: 2” Angular Accuracy
    • FOCUS50-CFG-03: 3” Angular Accuracy
    • FOCUS50-CFG-05: 5” Angular Accuracy

    NOTE: Batteries and chargers are sold separately.