Jim Gem 89088 Fire Weather Instrument Kit

    By Jim Gem | Mfr#: 89088 | Tiger#: TS86375


    • Determines weather and burning conditions
    • Compact and portable
    • Lightweight
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    Overview for Jim Gem 89088 Fire Weather Instrument Kit

    The Jim-Gem Fire Weather Instrument Kit helps you quickly and accurately determine and keep track of changes in the weather and burning conditions to prevent firefighter accidents. It includes a wind meter, Suunto compass, sling psychrometer, water bottle for the wet bulb, a small notebook, and a mechanical pencil. The instruments fit into a compact and durable carrying case. 

    Wind meter - The Dwyer Portable Wind Meter is used to indicate wind speed of up to 66 mph. Direct reading, no calculations required. It has two scales for optimal accuracy and easy reading – low 2-10 and high 4-66 mph range. To use it, hold the meter at eye level, with the back of the unit to the wind. The white ball in the tube indicates wind speed. Made of sturdy plastic, compact, and very accurate.

    Suunto Smoke Killer II compass - The Suunto compass is a high-accuracy instrument for determining the wind direction and fire location. Graduated 0-360° (Azimuth), it features a liquid-filled capsule with a jeweled bearing. It features a clear base plate, two U.S.G.S. Scales (1:24,000 and 1:62,500), a 1/16th inch scale, and a 4x magnifier. Other features include a self-cleaning capsule attachment, declination correction scale, and a snap-lock for attaching a lanyard. Slim design easily fits into your palm.

    Sling psychrometer - A sling psychrometer accurately reads relative humidity (30°F to 110°F). It has a wick and two thermometers mounted on a handle attached to a chain. One thermometer is an ordinary dry bulb while the other is a wet-bulb thermometer. The wick is dipped in water and the instrument is whirled around. This causes the water to evaporate from the wick and cools the wet bulb. The temperatures of both thermometers are then read. The kit comes with a water bottle for the wet bulb. 

    Notebook and pencil for data recording - The small, 100-page notebook and the mechanical pencil are handy for recording data on the field. Both are compact enough to fit into your front or back pockets for easier access. 

    All these tools and instruments fit into a belt-worn carrying case. The kit is lightweight and compact so it won’t slow you down.