Sherrilltree SET83 Fiddle Block Tree Pulling Kit w/ 220' Rope

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: SET83 | Tiger#: TS95156
    • Fiddle Block Tree Pulling Kit w/ 220' Rope SHESET83
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    • Designed for a more Efficient & Organized System during Rigging Procedures
    • Made from High-Quality & Durable Materials
    • Enables an Easier & Improved Friction Hitch Advancement
    • Lightweight, Strong & Has Rope-Friendly Design
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    Overview for Sherrilltree SET83 Fiddle Block Tree Pulling Kit w/ 220' Rope

    The Sherrilltree Fiddle Block Tree Pulling Kit is an essential set of devices used by arborists for a more efficient and advanced rigging procedure. It works well with friction or lowering devices, especially Portawrap, and is designed for pre-tensioning lines, for lifting heavy objects, or for removing slack from rigging systems. This kit comes with two (2) high-strength blocks, a 220' working rope, two (2) steel carabiners, and a rigging prusik cord.

    High-Quality & Durable: The included aluminum fiddle blocks are designed to be unibody, come with swiveling shackles on their top part for easy installation, and allow for up to 2 5/8" sheave diameter and 5/16" shackle. They provide a reliable system (5:1 mechanical advantage), giving 1,000 lbs. of rigging power from only 200 lbs. of input into the system, and can easily be applied on top of a host line. One (1) of the blocks has a cleat, that can easily be released with a snap of the wrist, that helps in an improved control of the device.

    This kit also features a 220' long, 1/2" diameter double braided rope with spliced eye, providing a limit of 44' working spread for the fiddle block. The included rigging prusik cord is used to attach the ends of the fiddle blocks to the host line, while the steel carabiners can help in attaching the blocks to a tree, vehicle, or any anchor.