Fisher 43187 FX-3 Motion Metal Detector *DISCONTINUED*

    By Fisher | Mfr#: 43187 | Tiger#: TS79371
    • FX-3 Motion Metal Detector
    • FX-3 Motion Metal Detector


    • Finds buried ferromagnetic items including pipes, valves, well casings, septic tanks 
    • Also used by relic and treasure hunters to find  
    • Motion detector responds only when it or the target is moving 
    • Audio alert “nulls” over targets 
    • Simple one-knob operation 
    • Lightweight design (2.5 lbs) for easy use 
    • Automatic battery check 
    • Waterproof probe
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    Overview for Fisher 43187 FX-3 Motion Metal Detector

    The Fisher Model FX-3 Magnetic Probe is a highly sensitive detector for ferromagnetic objects including iron and steel relics, property markers, pipes, and other buried large ferrous objects. Because of its design, this probe can reach into trench formations, thickets, and even between rocks – places that detector coils cannot reach. It also has more depth than standard search coils and can also find smaller targets than two-box detectors.  

    Motion Detector Nulls Over Targets Like other metal detectors, the FX-3 probe has two sensors that respond only to the magnetic field of ferromagnetic objects and ignore all other materials including copper, brass, and aluminum. What makes it different is the fact that it is a motion detector, which means it only responds during a search when it or the target is moving. Another difference is the FX-3 “nulls” over targets. As the probe approaches a target, the audio alert increases in both volume and pitch then it disappears as it passes directly over the target and returns as it moves away from the target.  

    Simple and Easy to Operate The FX-3 is designed to make metal detection as easy as possible for anyone with any skill level. It has a control panel with a knob/switch that turns the instrument on and off and adjusts the sensitivity level from 1 to 10. There is also an easy-to-open battery access panel, a headphone jack, and an ergonomic handle grip. Using headphones is ideal in noisy areas or when you don’t want to attract attention to yourself. Its lightweight build makes it easy to use for long hours, and the automatic battery check keeps users prepared and prevents downtime. 

    With extremely high sensitivity to ferrous objects, advanced detection technology, and an easy-to-use design, the Fisher Model FX-3 Magnetic Probe is an ideal detector for large or small buried metal objects that are out of reach for ordinary metal probes.