Keencut E3SF110 Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Machine

    By Keencut | Mfr#: E3SF110 | Tiger#: TS91990
    • Evolution3™ SmartFold Cutter KEEE3SF110-
    • Evolution3 SmartFold
    • Evolution3 SmartFold
    • Evolution3 SmartFold


    • Accuracy to within 0.2mm (0.008”) of a straight line 
    • Lift and Hover feature 
    • Anti-sag mechanism 
    • Self-adjusting track roller  
    • Integral polymer cutting strip 
    • Easy use and storage 
    • Sturdy components 
    • Overall durability
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    Overview for Keencut E3SF110 Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter Machine

    The Keencut Evolution3™ SmartFold Cutter carries all the renowned capabilities of the Evolution3 plus a new integral cutting strip meant for fabrics and other fragile materials. The Smartfold Cutter is easy to stow and use whenever necessary, allowing for better productivity in the workplace. 

    Accuracy in Every Cut: The Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter remains the most accurate cutter of its kind. This cutter ensures cutting to within 0.2mm (0.008") of a straight line. This level of precision improves overall workflow and reduces production time, which can positively affect your business. 

    Designed For Maximum Efficiency: Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter's features ideally respond to the tasks at hand. First off, its self-adjusting track roller system guarantees that movement along the cutter bar is secured and does not go sideways. This stability, paired with rigid blade clamping, enables maximum blade control and accuracy. 

    The Lift-and-Hover feature makes raising and lowering the clamping bar an easy exercise by allowing the bar to be suspended above the material's surface. Meanwhile, the anti-sag mechanism of the SmartFold Cutter means suspension of the cutter bar is possible with zero sag even on the longest cutter. These two systems result in a time-saving, single-handed, and accurate alignment of materials. Moreover, the inclusion of the sightline strip makes cutting a lot easier, giving even first-time users to work confidently and with exact results. 

    The Smartfold Cutter is also easy to store and set up. Simply fold down the Smartfold if you need your workspace for other tasks and flip it back up again just as quickly when needed. 

    Dependable Toughness: The Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter is built to last work use and abuse. Every element of the device is tough enough to meet the demands of the job. Overall, device integrity and dependability are assured, especially because Keencut makes most of the SmartFold Cutter components. 

    The Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter is a superior cutting device made for the exacting and various demands of the production facility. The device is easy to use and store while being incredibly accurate, stable, and durable.   

    Configuration Options 

    The Keencut Evolution3™ SmartFold Cutter comes in nine package options. Please choose your preference from the menu above before adding it to your cart. 

    • KEEE3SF110: 44"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF160: 64"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF210: 84"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF260: 104"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF310: 124"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF360: 144"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF410: 160"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter 
    • KEEE3SF460: 180"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter
    • KEEE3SF510: 200"L Evolution3 SmartFold Cutter