Keencut E3BT110 Evolution3 Benchtop Cutter Machine

    By Keencut | Mfr#: E3BT110 | Tiger#: TS72148
    • Evolution3 Benchtop Cutter KEE61285
    • Evolution 3 Benchtop Cutter


    • Choice of 9 cutting lengths: 44”, 64”, 84”, 104”, 124”, 144”, 160”, 180” & 200”
    •  Fits any suitable bench
    •  For BenchTop bench or any appropriate existing bench
    •  Cuts flexible and semi-rigid materials


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    Overview for Keencut E3BT110 Evolution3 Benchtop Cutter Machine

    The Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop Cutter is permanently stalled for immediate use in high-use production environments. It features Keencut’s unique Lift-and-Hover technology for a single-handed, accurate alignment of material regardless of thickness. To use, lower the clamping bar and it hovers above the material with zero sag. Use the sightline strip to position the cutter and fully engage the clamp. Its QuikSwap heads are changeable for cutting or creasing, and it guarantees ultra-high 0.2mm (0.008″) precision accuracy with every cut.

    Single-handed operation. Two unique, patent-pending features enable single-handed operation and accurate alignment of materials. The Lift-and-Hover system enables the clamping bar to be easily raised and then lowered. Simultaneously, the anti-sag mechanism ensures that the cutter bar is permanently suspended parallel to the media surface over the whole length of the cut.

    Guaranteed accuracy. Dubbed as the most accurate cutter in the market, Evolution3 is guaranteed to cut within 0.2mm (0.008″) of a straight line for the entire length of the cut. Every butt-jointed panel will join seamlessly. It enables the user to save time and money, with less waste and fewer mistakes. 

    Total stability. QuikSwap tool heads feature a self-adjusting track roller system with zero sideways movements for a perfectly straight line. Its rigid blade clamping provides ample control and spot-on accuracy. 

    Simple to use. Tests prove that Evolution3 increases cutting accuracy and speed of production. Professionals and first-time users can use Evolution3 to cut confidently and accurately. 

    Heavy-duty reliability. Evolution3 features a cutting head bearing system and clamping for perfect blade controls, even with the most rigid materials. Keencut components are manufactured using precision CNC machines for constant quality control.

    Future-proof and versatile with Quikswap tool heads. Each tool head is made for a specific purpose and can be attached and detached in seconds for the ultimate flexibility. New tools are also constantly developed for future requirements.

    The optional Rocker tool head is the newest addition to the QuikSwap lineup, designed for cutting materials such as banners, cardboard, and foam board up to 10mm (3/8″). It features an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort for everyday cutting. It also offers two-way cutting – pulling to cut lighter weight materials and pushing for those that require more effort. The Tech-D.012 blade can fit the Rocker head for cutting Dibond or Alupanel.

    As with all Keencut machines, Evolution3 cutters come with a five-year comprehensive guarantee.

    Configuration Options

    The Keencut Evolution3 is available in different cutting lengths. Please select your preference from the menu above.

    • E3BT110 - 44"
    • E3BT160 - 64"
    • E3BT210 - 84"
    • E3BT260 - 104"
    • E3BT310 - 124"
    • E3BT360 - 144"
    • E3BT410 - 160"
    • E3BT460 - 180"
    • E3BT510 - 200"