FireSafe Outlets DE2001 Early Warning Heat Detector Outlet Cover w/ Alarm (4/Box)

    By FireSafe Outlets | Mfr#: DE2001 | Tiger#: TS96480


    • Used as Early Warning Device for Electrical Fires
    • Easily Detects Temperature Increase Beyond Normal Range
    • Equipped w/ 85dB Alarm that Reaches 3 Meters
    • Consists of Heat-Detecting Plates & heavy-Duty Material
    • Compatible w/ 15amp or 20amp Duplex or Decora Receptacle
    • Tested & Certified as Safety Device
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    Overview for FireSafe Outlets DE2001 Early Warning Heat Detector Outlet Cover w/ Alarm (4/Box)

    The FireSafe Heat Detector Outlet Cover w/ Alarm is a durable early warning device that monitors the possible overheating of electrical outlets in homes, offices, or any facility. This newly-designed safety tool can easily detect a temperature increase outside normal ranges on degraded outlets, avoiding hazardous incidents such as accidental fires. Equipped with a loud alarm that can be heard throughout the house or facility, this FireSafe Outlets device is an essential utility, ensuring safety and reliability.

    High-Quality Design & Performance: This Outlet Cover is powered with a 9V Alkaline battery and is designed with four (4) heat-detecting contact plates, which are attached on top or in close proximity with the terminal screws of the electrical receptacle. These contact plates are responsible for monitoring the temperature of the outlet, providing early warning if there is a risk of overheating. The equipped alarm sends off an 85dB sound that can be heard up to 3 meters away, making sure that the everyone is notified for the potential danger.

    Compatibility: This safety device is compatible on standard 15amp or 20amp Duplex or Decora receptacles with side terminal screws, and are permanently installed in any corner of the house. A single cover monitors the outlet that it is installed into, that is why it is well recommended that all outlets must have this early-warning device for overall safety. The FireSafe Outlets cover only works with the standard outlets, and is not advised to use with GFI outlets, light switches, combination light switches, USB outlets, or other outlet families.

    Tested & Approved: The FireSafe Heat Detector Outlet Cover w/ Alarm hasa undergone tests under Intertek and is approved for industrial usage. It conforms to UL STD.62368-1&514D standards, and is certified with CSA STD C22.2 NO.62368-1, CSA STD C22.2 NO.42.1 certifications, making it a reliable and safe device. Each box comes in a 4 pack, with a total of four (4) pieces of the FireSafe Outlet cover, and four (4) 9V Alkaline Batteries. The kit is covered with a 120 days limited warranty.

    Product Options

    The FireSafe Heat Detector Outlet Cover w/ Alarm comes in different variations that differ in their style and color. Kindly choose your preference on the options menu above.

    • Duplex - White (DU1001)
    • Duplex - Light Almond (DU1002)
    • Duplex - Ivory (DU1003)
    • Decora - White (DE2001)
    • Decora - Light Almond (DE2002)
    • Decora - Ivory (DE2003)