Cobra 38005 Dynamic Tree Bracing System Bundle

    By Cobra | Mfr#: 38005 | Tiger#: TS90262


    • Great service life of 8 years
    • Fast and safe installation
    • Good tensile strength
    • Anti-abrasive and resists against high winds
    • Expansion inserts to increase surface area of rope
    • Shock absorbers minimize the whipping effect
    • Polypropylene tough rope with a range of diameters
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    Overview for Cobra 38005 Dynamic Tree Bracing System Bundle

    The Cobra Dynamic Tree Bracing System is a complete dynamic system for bracing large branches and stems and is usually used by tree care companies for ornamental or fruit trees. It allows shock absorption and stretches while keeping the trees healthy and damage-free. The kit comprises a long 40m Cobra rope, anti-abrasion hose, expansion inserts, shock absorbers, and end caps.

    Salient Features: The ultra-strong black rope has a 12 fold braiding and is made of polypropylene monofilaments. It has an expansion insert inside to increase its surface area against the stem of the tree. The anti-abrasive sleeve on it guarantees a longer lifespan while providing the utmost support and protection to the trees.

    Great Strength & Flexibility: The dynamic bracing rope withstands high and gusty winds, hence allowing the stems and limbs of trees to sway naturally without falling and continuing their healthy development. The tensile strength of the system is 10.9t and provides ultimate support to mature trees or trees in high wind areas. Moreover, it has an ultimate ductile yield of 17% which makes it quite flexible.

    Anti-Abrasive & Shock Absorbent: The high-strength yet flexible polypropylene rope ensures that the tree stems remain safe from damage. The smooth braided surface resists abrasion or scraping. The rubber shock absorbers reduce the whipping effect on trees during high winds, thus providing utmost protection to them.

    Product Choices:

    The Dynamic Bracing System Bundles are a full package for better bracing of trees in high wind areas. The aforementioned features make it a remarkable kit for tree care and support. It comes with variations in dynamic connections, breaking load capacity, and rope diameters per tree size.

    • 10491: 10 Mini Systems Package with 8mm Rope
    • 31299: 2 Ton - 5 Systems Package with 14mm Rope
    • 31299: 2 Ton - 15 Systems Package with 14mm Rope
    • 31301: 4 Ton - 5 Systems Package with 22mm Rope
    • 31586: 8 Ton - 4 Systems Package with 28mm Rope
    • 38005: 2t/4t - 3 Systems Package