Sherrilltree 14994 Duckbill Earth Anchor Drive Rod

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 14994 | Tiger#: TS90284
    • Duckbill Earth Anchor Drive Rod DUC14957-
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    • Smooth surface for holding
    • Flat top for hammering
    • High-strength steel rod that does not break or bend
    • Fast & secure installation
    • Penetrates harder soils easily
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 14994 Duckbill Earth Anchor Drive Rod

    The Duckbill Earth Anchor Drive Rod or drive gad is an essential tool for driving the earth anchors into the ground. This hard drive steel rod extends out of the body of the anchor system and bears the blows of the hammer while ensuring the deep and safe installation of the anchors in normal soils.

    Simple Design: The anchor rod is a simple steel rod available in varying sizes. One of its ends is pointed to allow quick and safe moving in the ground for anchor installation. While the other end is a flattened small diameter surface that takes the blows of the hammer without getting damaged and provids secure anchor adjustment.

    Secure Installation: The steel drive gad is safe to use and install. The rod is passed through the anchor. As it extends out from the anchor’s body, force is applied on its flattened end. This allows the anchors to dive down until desired depth for installation is achieved. The driving rod is then removed.

    Strong and Resistant: Another great feature of the anchor drive rod is that it can withstand pressure, blows, and action-driven forces without itself breaking or bending. The high-strength steel prevents it from damage upon impact, providing it with a good life span.

    Product Options:

    The Drive Rod for earth anchors is an ideal candidate for the secure and easy underground installation of anchors for tree support. It comes in customized lengths to better fit the anchors.

    • DUC14995: Small Drive Rod for DTS-40 earth anchors
    • DUC14994: Medium Drive Rod for DTS-68 earth anchors
    • DUC24566: Large Drive Rod for DTS-88 earth anchors