Alvin 1121 Double Readout Plan Measure *DISCONTINUED*

    By Alvin | Mfr#: 1121 | Tiger#: TS3270


    • Two large unbreakable faces for easy reading
    • White dial for measuring distances, graduated in inches and centimeters
    • Yellow dial for scaling, graduated in ½", ¼", 1/8", and 1/16" to the foot
    • Precision metal gears for precision measurement
    • Convenient handle for easy maneuver
    • Includes vinyl pouch for protection
    • Ideal for blueprints, map scaling, and drawing
    • 90-day limited warranty
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    Overview for Alvin 1121 Double Readout Plan Measure

    The Alvin Double Readout Plan Measure precisely measures blueprints, maps, and drawings.  It has two large color-coded faces or dials, each performing a specific function. The white dial accurately measures distances on maps and plans in inches and centimeters. It can also be used to chart travel routes or determine distances between items on a plan. The other dial is yellow and measures blueprints and drawings using the most common fractional scales from 1/16 inch up to one foot.

    This readout plan measure functions by rolling the device forward or backward and in straight or curved lines.  It is precise, easy to operate, and resourceful.  It is a practical device for engineers, contractors, architects, hikers, homeowners, and many others.

    Determine Distance in Miles and Kilometers

    Use the white dial on the Double Readout Plan Measure to calculate true distances on maps and plans. It does this by translating inches and centimeters into miles and kilometers, respectively.  The dial is large enough to clearly show both the U.S. and metric units.  So, there is no need to convert measurements. Use this feature to assess distances on maps and plans, in straight lines or curves.  Set the scale on the dial and roll the measure in any directions to trace lines, s-curves, spirals, and any other shape.

    Precise Measurements for Blueprints and Drawings

    The plan wheel makes it easy to analyze blueprints and drawings.  This feature involves using the fractions on the yellow dial. These fractions represent measuring scales that range from one foot all the way down to a precise 1/16 inch and register up to 576 feet in one revolution.  With this range of scale, it has the ability to analyze practically any blueprint or drawing.   

    The Double Readout Plan Measure comes with a vinyl pouch, has two large readable dials, a handle that is easy to grip for freedom of movement as it measures.   Each lens is break-resistant, and the revolution counter automatically reset the metal gears. 

    Breakdown of revolutions per scale:

    1/16 inch = 576 feet

    1/8 inch = 288 feet

    1/4 inch = 144 feet

    1/2 inch = 72 feet