Haglof 13-431-1011 DP II+ Computer Caliper

    By Haglof | Mfr#: 13-431-1011 | Tiger#: TS63030
    • Haglof DP II Computer Caliper HAG13-430-1011-
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    • Available in Different Lengths
    • Bluetooth Capable; Large Internal Memory
    • Detachable Computer Terminal
    • Wired & Wireless Connectivity
    • Enhanced Processor Performance
    • Improved Graphic Display
    • Foldable jaws
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    Overview for Haglof 13-431-1011 DP II+ Computer Caliper

    The Haglof DP II+ Computer Caliper is an efficient and versatile diameter instrument system that meets the rigorous demands for log scaling, timber cruising, and standing tree inventory. It has a variety of features in a moisture-protected rugged built – making it a powerful modern instrument for work in forests and on industries. In addition, various accessories such as the Radio Enter Button, Digitech Keyboard, DP Postex, and more make it the most complete solution for diameter measuring.

    The Haglof DP II+ communicates easily with other instruments through USB, IR and Bluetooth. Fully programmable, it has a truck-load of program options that make it easy to customize for different needs. The detachable computer terminal works as a standalone handheld computer or, when equipped with the Radio Enter Button, becomes a powerful computer in a pocket and send data from the SmartScale.

    The caliper is constructed with a high graphic display, with 128 x 64 pixel resolution, and with highly efficient backlighting, for clear reading of results. It comes with an enhanced floating processor performance, giving reliable and more efficient calculations when used. The device has a large internal memory, with 1GB Flash File System, 2MB RAM, and 8MB Flash for software, providing enough storage for thousands of data. 

    This computer caliper from Haglof delivers great results while consuming low battery power. It has a measuring range from 18” to 40” (depending on the model). In addition, the foldable jaws and slim shape make this caliper easy to use, store, and carry.

    Configuration Options

    The Haglof DP II+ Computer Caliper comes in different lengths. It also has the option to include a Radio Enter Button Kindly select your preference from the menus above.

    • 13-431-1011: 18"
    • 13-431-1012: 24"
    • 13-431-1013: 30"
    • 13-431-1014: 36"
    • 13-431-1015: 40"
    • 13-431-1211: 18" w/ Radio Enter Button
    • 13-431-1212: 24" w/ Radio Enter Button
    • 13-431-1213: 30" w/ Radio Enter Button
    • 13-431-1214: 36" w/ Radio Enter Button
    • 13-431-1215: 40" w/ Radio Enter Button