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    Airmax 530298 D-Scale Foam Cleaner for Floating Aerator Fountains & Aeration Systems

    By Airmax | Mfr#: 530298 | Tiger#: TS94501
    • D-Scale Foam Cleaner for Floating Aerator Fountains & Aeration Systems AIR530298-
    • Also Cleans Boats


    • For Deep Cleaning of Airmax Floating Aerator Fountains & Aeration Systems
    • Removes Calcium, Limescale, Rust Stains, and other Mineral Deposits
    • Fast-Acting, Safe & 100% Biodegradable
    • May be Used as a Spray or as a Soaking Solution
    • Replacement for Harsh Cleaning Solutions
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    Overview for Airmax 530298 D-Scale Foam Cleaner for Floating Aerator Fountains & Aeration Systems

    The Airmax D-Scale Foam Cleaner is a reliable solution used to deep clean and remove calcium, limescale, rust stains, and other mineral deposits attached to Floating Aerator Fountains and Aeration Systems. With its fast-acting and effective cleaning property, it can also be used for boats and water pumps. Made as 100% biodegradable, this foam cleaner contains safe chemical components, and works well without the need of heavy scrubbing.

    Easy-to-Use and High-Quality: This D-Scale Foam Cleaner can easily be used by simply spraying it to any equipment that needs cleaning, let it set on the surface for about 10-30 seconds, remove any excess product with a soft cloth, and rinse it with clean water. The user can also do the soak method, wherein 1 part of the cleaner is mixed with 9 parts of water, and the device can be soaked to the solution for 1-3 minutes, before rinsing it with clean water.

    The Airmax D-Scale Cleaner is a great replacement for harsh cleaners such as muriatic and hydrochloric acid. It is not reliable to use on concrete, marble, masonry, aluminum, zinc, and galvanized metal, and the user is advised to wear protective eyewear and disposable nitrile gloves when using the solution, since extended exposure to the product may cause stinging in open sores, cuts, or around fingernails.

    Product Options

    The Airmax D-Scale Cleaner for Floating Aerator Fountains & Aeration System comes in two variations that differ in the size of the solution. Kindly choose your preference on the options menu above.

      • 32 Ounce Spray Bottle (530298)
      • 1 Gallon Jug (530299)