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    Seco 90550 Crain Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripod

    By Seco | Mfr#: 90550 | Tiger#: TS10480


    • Adjustable height: 44 to 91 inches
    • 100x more stable as regular surveying tripods
    • Holds up to 65 pounds
    • Quick-clamp lock system
    • Round head with large center hold
    • Pointed metal feet
    • Heavy-duty fiberglass tripod
    • 5/8-11 thread
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    Overview for Seco 90550 Crain Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripod

    The Crain Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripod 90550 is one of the most stable tripods on the market today and features a kick out prevention system. Tests have shown that the Crain Tri-Max Tripod is upwards of 100 times as stable as regular surveying tripods. It also weighs 17 lbs (7.7 kg) and holds up to 65 lbs (29.5 kg).

    If you work in humid, moist, contaminated or windy conditions, or in extreme temperatures, then the ultra-durable Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripod is for you. The Crain Tri-Max Tripod 90550 offers a height range of 44" to 71" (1.8 m).

    This tripod meets  ISO standard (12858- 2-H)  for long lasting durability. The unique shape and size of the foot allows for stable placement on any kind of terrain. The foot also has a replaceable point and retention loop that can be used with a safety strap. It features a round head and a large center hole that accommodates easy set up on any point.  A retaining system is stored inside of the leg which prevents kick-out and accidental falls on slick, uneven surfaces. 

    The Crain Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripod 90550 comes with a a 5/8" x 11 thread and a snap cap cover. It has a 5-year limited warranty.

    Product Options:

    • 90550: Quick Clamp - 71 in (1.8 m) height
    • 90551: Screw Clamp - 71 in (1.8 m) height
    • 90553: Dual Clamp - 71 in (1.8 m) height
    • 90560: Dual Clamp - 91 in (2.3 m) height