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    PCE PCE-HT 224E Concrete Hardness Test Hammer

    By PCE | Mfr#: PCE-HT 224E | Tiger#: TS96345


    • Used for Accurate Concrete Strength Measurements
    • Applies the Schmidt Principle to Get Rebound Value
    • Comes w/ OLED Display Screen
    • Can be Setup in Different Test Angles
    • Internal Storage of up to 1000 Data Units
    • Impact Energy/Load: 2.207 Nm (J)
    • Measuring Range: 10 ... 60 N/mm²


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    Overview for PCE PCE-HT 224E Concrete Hardness Test Hammer

    The PCE Concrete Hardness Test Hammer is a reliable measuring tool used by construction professionals to get the accurate measurement of a concrete strength. It uses the Schmidt principle, wherein the rebound value of a hard area is acquired using the device, which then reflects the compressive strength and hardness of a rock or concrete surface. It comes with an easy-to-read digital screen to display the results, and a durable impact plunger, making it a reliable and handy utility in the construction field.

    Dependable & Accurate: This PCE concrete strength tester features an OLED display that shows rebound value in PSI, MPa, kgF/cm², or N/mm², depending on the contractors preference. It is designed to have a consistent impact energy/load of 2.207 Nm (J), and can easily be setup to measure different test angles, may it be downwards (-90deg or -45deg), horizontal (0deg), or upward (45deg or 90deg) hard surfaces.

    This PCE Hardness Test Hammer has a measuring range of 10 ... 60 N/mm², 1500 ... 8500 PSI or lbs/in², ensuring a wide scale of concrete strength value. It is equipped with an internal storage of up to 1000 data units (256 measurements each), to review previous results, and a USB port for easy connection to a PC for import in its exclusive software, export, sharing, and analysis of data. This device also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery for portability in the field, and for mobile use.