Plott 10002 Carta Digital Measuring Mapping Wheel

    By Plott | Mfr#: 10002 | Tiger#: TS79769


    • Draws the path users walk in real-time over blueprints or satellite images
    • Automatically calculates area and distance with an accuracy of 99.98%
    • Connects to the Lets Plott app via Bluetooth to create a project control center 
    • Add notes, images, and videos to the project via the app
    • Retrace your steps to marked points for accurate implementation
    • Measuring units: Yards, Feet, Inches, and Meters
    • IP54 protection against dust and water
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    Overview for Plott 10002 Carta Digital Measuring Mapping Wheel

    The Carta Digital Mapping Wheel by Plott is the world’s first digital measuring wheel that virtually maps any space as you walk. Its ability to track the full route and simultaneously draw it over blueprints or satellite images within a mobile app sets it miles apart from traditional measuring wheels. This feature alone can dramatically accelerate the planning phase, but it takes it up a notch by also helping users accurately translate the virtual map into reality in the implementation phase – making DIY and construction projects easier to start and finish. 

    Virtually design and control a project with ease: Using Carta to map out a new garden, deck, pool, and other projects takes only a few easy steps. Secure your phone in the phone mount, connect Carta to the Lets Plott app, tap “Start,” and begin plotting your project by tracking the area with the wheel. Measuring curves and turns is just as easy as measuring straight lines, with the area and perimeter automatically calculated inside the app to minimize errors. You can choose to measure in yards, feet, inches, and meters for different parts of your project. 

    You can also add background satellite or real-world images to your projects to make them easier to visualize, as well as written and picture notes for additional information or instructions. You can share the project files to your contractors or teams via AirDrop, text messages, and email. This gives them access to the maps as well as your comments and notes. It also has a built-in calculator so you can estimate materials cost right inside the app.

    Turn your design into reality: Unlike other virtual design apps, the Carta + Lets Plott app tandem is designed to help you translate your design into reality as accurately as possible. While plotting, you can mark specific points that you can go back to later as you start implementing the plan. You can mark, for example, where you want the deck to start and end, or where you want the fountain to be installed. You can then retrace your steps to locate these marked points using the apps’ Guide Mode so you can implement or further plan your project with confidence. 

    Combines durability and convenience: Since it’s designed specifically for outdoor use, Carta is built to withstand harsh environments. It’s made of sturdy materials including plastic, aluminum, rubber, and steel that can resist daily wear and tear for years, and it follows the IP54 industry standards for dust, moisture, and water splashes resistance. The 12-inch measuring wheel is designed to smoothly glide over any kind of surfaces and easily turn with little effort, and the telescoping lock lets you adjust Carta’s height to match yours. It also has a kickstand that lets you leave it standing for a while as you drink a glass of water or talk to a friend over the phone. 

    With innovative features and well-thought-out design, the Carta Digital Mapping Wheel takes the guesswork and complicated calculations out of mapping and designing outdoor DIY and home improvement projects. Because of its high accuracy level and seamless workflow, it’s also a great measuring tool for professionals in the construction and even surveying industry.