Sherrilltree 35038 Canopy Systems 1/2" Galvanized Steel Cable

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 35038 | Tiger#: TS90259


    • Galvanized strong steel wire
    • Corrosion-resistant due to protective zinc coating
    • Independent wire rope core with a diameter of 1/2 inches
    • Versatile and multi-functional
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 35038 Canopy Systems 1/2" Galvanized Steel Cable

    The Canopy Systems Galvanized Steel Cable is a general-purpose durable steel wire. Its chief use is in cabling i.e. Winch cables and lifting sling for elevating or pulling materials. However, it is not built for aircraft use.

    Striking Features: The galvanized cable reel is a steel wire comprised of 6 strands. Each strand has 19 wires in it to provide it flexibility and strength. It has a diameter of ½ inches and comes in varying lengths. It weighs 0.8 pounds per foot. Another great aspect is that is it corrosion-resistant.

    Ultimate Strength: This steel wire has a very high breaking strength and can resist forces or pulls to a good degree. It has a tensile strength of 13.3 tons and a working load limit of 2.66 tons, thus, bearing a good amount of stress without rupturing.

    Anti-Corrosive: This particular cable has an anti-corrosion coating of zinc on the steel wire that acts as a barrier for corrosive substances from reaching the inner core. This prevents the hot-dipped galvanized cable from rusting and decaying for a prolonged period.

    Product Options:

    All these features collectively make the galvanized cable stand out from the rest. It carries common cable accessories such as wire rope clips, thimbles and blocks. It also comes with variations in length.

    • 35038: 250ft galvanized cable
    • 35039: 500ft galvanized cable