Compu-Flow C6FM/CLTV6.4HP C6 Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    By Compu-Flow | Mfr#: C6FM/CLTV6.4HP | Tiger#: TS58930


    • Choice of model and output
    • For high-solid fluid flow measurement
    • Linear output signal for high accuracy
    • Wide pipe diameter range of 1” to 999”
    • Two submersible clamp-on transducers
    • NEMA 4X electronics enclosure (IP65)
    • Straight run requirement: 20 diameters upstream/10 diameters downstream
    • Unaffected by changes in viscosity, pressure, temperature & others
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    Overview for Compu-Flow C6FM/CLTV6.4HP C6 Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    The Compu-Flow C6 Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a flow meter that requires sonic reflectors, such as particles or air bubbles, to operate. Ideal for high-solid fluid flow measurement applications, it measures flow velocity by sensing signals from reflective materials within the liquid and calculating frequency shift due to their motion. With its linear output signal, it provides high accuracy and is not affected by changes of viscosity, temperature, pressure, specific gravity, sound velocity or electrical conductivity.

    This Doppler ultrasonic flow meter by Compu-Flow is composed of a water-resistant NEMA 4X electronics enclosure and two fully water-submersible, NEMA 6-rated, clamp-on transducers (receiver and transmitter). These transducers are mounted side by side (for pipes with two-inch diameter and up only) to the outer pipe wall allowing installation without shutting down the flow. They collect fluid flow data through pipes with internal diameter of up to 999 inches (9999 millimeters) and send the information to the electronic system that convert, transmit, and display the received data. For maximum precision, use this flow meter on non-porous smooth pipes with adequate straight run of 20 diameters upstream and ten diameters downstream.

    The Compu-Flow C6 Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter features an electronics enclosure with an easy-to-read display panel LCD and a keypad for simple interface. It is equipped with three LED indicators for displaying echo (yellow), alarm (red), and power (green) status. With a secondary menu (keypad toggle menu), it offers advanced configuration options including analog output, bar graph, HI/LO alarm set points, and batch control. It operates with AC power or DC battery power and comes with a 117-Volt battery charger.

    Configuration Options

    The Compu-Flow C6 Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter comes in two models and output options to provide versatility. Please select your preference from the menu above.

    • C6FM/CLTV6.4HP: Fixed, Rate and Total Only
    • C6FM/CLTV6.4HP-Loaded: Fixed, 4/20mA, Hi/Lo Alarms, RS 232, and Batch Control
    • C6PM/CLTV6.4HP: Portable, Rate and Total Only
    • C6PM/CLTV6.4HP-Loaded: Portable, 4/20mA, Hi/Lo Alarms, RS 232, and Batch Control