Collomix BC 17 Bucket Dolly for the 17 gallon bucket

    By Collomix | Mfr#: BC 17 | Tiger#: TS25786


    • Easily transport heavy buckets 
    • Tub remains level throughout 
    • Fits Collomix 17 gallon mixing tub 17GB
    • Locking mechanism for easy pouring
    • Dimensions: 27”L x 38”W x 60”H
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    Overview for Collomix BC 17 Bucket Dolly for the 17 gallon bucket

    What happens when you've got a large batch of materials at one end of a jobsite, but now you need it on the other end?

    In steps Collomix's BC17 dolly! This is a simple product similar to a hand truck. Instead of just transporting a bucket of materials on wheels, its chassis is formed so that you can secure a bucket and not worry about it slipping off. An added bonus to this design is that it actually keeps the bucket level during transportation – no spills at all!

    The BC17 hand truck has a locking mechanism with a pouring device. This allows you to easily and neatly pour your contents wherever you need it.

    The BC17 was designed especially to work with the 17GB mixing bucket. It's made to size so that you can fit 17GB exactly right. It makes for a seamless process without trying to stabilize a bucket that doesn't fit.

    Say goodbye to sore muscles. Say goodbye to spills. Say goodbye to mess.

    Say hello to the BC17!