Flexotherm HVB-A-01-350-040-016-06-2-50 Bucket / Drum Heater

    By Flexotherm | Mfr#: HVB-A-01-350-040-016-06-2-50 | Tiger#: TS71024
    • Flexotherm Bucket / Drum Heater NEPHVB-A-01-350-040-016-06-2-50-
    • 5 gal Bucket Heater
    • Flexotherm Drum Heater


    • Temperature: 100 °F to 158 °F
    • Runs on 120VAC
    • Patented HeatGrid technology
    • Automatic GFCI device
    • Proprietary strain relief cord entry
    • Fire-retardant vinyl construction
    • Suitable for plastic, fiber and metal containers
    • NRTL recognized
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    Overview for Flexotherm HVB-A-01-350-040-016-06-2-50 Bucket / Drum Heater

    The Flexotherm Bucket / Drum Heater protects a wide range of materials from biofuel to food beverage by offering even and continuous heating during the cold months. It features Neptech Inc.’s patented HeatGrid carbon heating technology that increases the temperature during the first 20 minutes of operation while electrical current decreases. Coupled with an automatic GFCI device that’s built into the blanket, this technology provides a safer heating method for both product and contractor.

    The Neptech Inc. Flexotherm Gallon Heated Blanket includes a foil-faced, high thermal efficiency closed-cell foam insulation that directs the heat to the right location. It has a maximum temperature of 122 °F (50 °C) or 158 F (70 C) and temperature can be controlled with an optional temperature control module. A proprietary strain relief cord entry seals the power cord entry and reduces wire stress.

    This 120VAC container heater is designed for a wide range of applications and is suitable for various plastic, fiber, and metal containers. It is made of NFPA-certified flame-retardant vinyl that’s welded at the seams and is resistant to scuffs, UV rays, water, and harsh elements. The blanket is outfitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release plated buckles so it secures well on any pail, bucket or drum. It is also NRTL recognized to be safe.

    Configuration Options

    The Flexotherm Bucket or Drum Heater comes in different sizes, container volumes, temperatures, and power options. Kindly select your preference from the drop-down menu above.

    • HVB-A-01-350-040-016-06-2-50: 16” x 46” Heater for 5 gal Bucket, 122 °F Temperature, 116 Watts & 1 Amps
    • HVB-A-02-500-040-016-06-2-50: 16” x 46” Heater for 5 gal Bucket, 158 °F Temperature, 165 Watts & 1.4 Amps
    • HVB-A-04-250-078-036-08-3-38: 36” x 86” Heater for 55 gal Drum, 100 °F Temperature, 500 Watts & 4 Amps
    • HVB-A-07-500-078-036-08-3-38: 36” x 86” Heater for 55 gal Drum, 158 °F Temperature, 780 Watts & 7 Amps