Sherrilltree 12069 BetterBilt Earth Anchor Kit

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 12069 | Tiger#: TS90245
    • BetterBilt Earth Anchor Kit BET12069-
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    • Simple and fast to install
    • Provides maximum strength to trees on different soils
    • Galvanized steel cables that provide utmost support to trees
    • Resistance against high winds & pressure
    • Great holding capacity with high tension tolerance
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 12069 BetterBilt Earth Anchor Kit

    The BetterBilt Earth Anchor Kit is a highly professional ground anchor system for trees that comes with remarkable features. Comprising of all the required tools, it is the best way to hold and support young trees, shrubs, and some other structures with varying weights and diameters. It comes in small, medium and large sizes for staking trees up to 3, 6 and 11 inchs in diameter respectively.

    A Complete Anchor Package: The ground anchor kit for trees comes with various required items in it, such as anchors, galvanized gray steel cable, tree collars, cable clamps and turnbuckles. The steel cables ensure tree stability and support to a great length. All the other items in the kit are crucial for supporting the trees on all kinds of soil, and against the worst weather conditions.

    Withstands Pressure: A prominent feature of earth anchor tree kit is that it provides utmost resistance against pressure and certain weather conditions like high winds or storms. This makes it a great choice for staking and guying trees on different kinds of soil.

    Easy to Install: The ground anchors are easy and simple to install. The anchor is driven into the soil using a drive rod from above the ground. The clamps and turnbuckles keep the cables or cords in place. Thus, providing maximum and long-time support to the young trees and plants. Furthermore, they take less time in installation.

    Product Options:

    All the peculiar characteristics of Earth Anchor Kit make it a remarkable tool for staking, cabling or bracing trees. Furthermore, its availability in different sizes to hold trees of different weights and caliper, makes it worth buying. The small kit has a holding capacity of 300 lbs, the medium kit has 1100 lbs while the large kit has 3000 lbs holding capacity.

    • 12069: Small Kit with 12' x 1/16" cable
    • 12070: Medium Kit with 13' x 1/8" cable
    • 12071: Large Kit with 15' x 3/16" cable