Leica 6017022 BLK 3D Construction Laser Scanner [Hand-Held]

    By Leica | Mfr#: 6017022 | Tiger#: TS71225


    • Distance measurement range: 820 ft.
    • 3D in-picture accuracy of ±6 mm
    • Tilt range up to 360 degrees
    • EDM & stereo cameras for capturing images
    • GPS, Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth for communication
    • 64 GB internal storage
    • Includes BLK3D Mobile software
    • 5-inch IPS LCD touchscreen
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    Overview for Leica 6017022 BLK 3D Construction Laser Scanner [Hand-Held]

    The Leica BLK3D Handheld 3D Imager is a professional-grade measuring device that provides real-time, in-picture three-dimensional measurements. Featuring a calibrated stereo camera and an EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) camera, it captures two-dimensional images and embeds them with high-precision 3D measurements using object detection and auto-snapping. It is also equipped with built-in sensors—compass, 3D accelerometer, and 3D gyroscope—to allow a 3D in-picture accuracy of ±6 millimeters (±0.24 inches).

    High-Quality & Reliable Function: This laser scanner by Leica offers a distance measurement range of up to 820 feet (250 meters) and tilt range up to 360 degrees. It utilizes a 2.35 GHz processor with integrated GPU, a real-time processor, Android operating system, and 4GB RAM to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate data processing. For communication and data transfer, it uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology, making it ideal for all construction applications.

    The Leica BLK3D Handheld 3D Imager comes complete with the BLK3D Mobile software that enables convenient sharing of images and measurements in multiple formats, making in-field documentation and collaboration simple and easy. It has five-inch IPS LCD touchscreen and seven buttons (three physical and four-touch) for interface and control. It also includes 64 GB internal memory for storing data and a Li-ion rechargeable battery for up to four-hour operation.

    New Mobile Software Version 4.0: Leica offers a new software update that enhances the functions and user experience provided by the BLK3D Handheld 3D Imager. This update can be obtained by all Leica BLK3D Mobile users for free, by connecting the device to the internet to receive the automatic update notification, and simply downloading the new version. 

    Upon downloading version 4.0, the user can now discover new features, such as capturing an Image Group (up to 500 stereo-images), accessing a new Image Group Parameter - Altitude, the ability to do user calibration at any time, allow automatic and easy assessment of corrupted images, and to fully translate the application to up to 10 different languages. For those users who have an existing Mobile Sketch and Document Subscription, two (2) new functions are available: the Multiroom function and the 3D measurement (P2P). 

    The Multiroom feature offers a quicker way to sketch a floorplan, allows easy merging of multiple rooms together, and provides proper presentation of wall thickness and openings. The new 3D measurement function uses the Pointfinder camera view to precisely measure unlimited points, surfaces, or lines, and as well as properly visualize and assess interior and exterior measurements, all in 3D. Both these functions offer CAD export and documentation.

    Real-time, In-picture 3D measurement

    Product Options

    The Leica BLK3D Handheld 3D Imager comes in different options that vary in the package inclusions. You can choose among the standard option, which comes with the Leica 3D Imager device, or the options which have 1-year Mobile subscriptions of the Publisher, Sketch & Document, and Autodesk BIM 360 software. Kindly select your preference on the drop-down menu above.

    The Leica BLK3D Mobile Publisher Subscription enables the Handheld Imager to publish measurable three-dimensional images to BLK3D Web, accelerating communication between field and office. Once uploaded to the web, this one-year software subscription allows the user to create measurements online.

    The Leica BLK3D Mobile Sketch and Document Subscription is a mobile application that includes Plan Creation Option, that allows construction professionals to draw floor plans and attach measurable images for optimum precision. It enables easy and accurate documentation of construction progress, making it easy to organize projects.

    The Leica BLK3D Mobile Autodesk BIM 360 Subscription is a powerful app that helps the user to report issues from the field to the office. It allows working with BIM 360 Docs projects using the BLK3D Handheld 3D Imager, ensuring hassle-free and accurate documentation.

    • Standard Package (869073)
    • 3D Imager w/ Mobile Publisher, Sketch & Document Subscriptions (6017022)
    • 3D Imager w/ Mobile Autodesk BIM 360 Subscription (6017023)