Sherrilltree 11467 ArborTie Heavy Duty Tree Anchoring Kit

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 11467 | Tiger#: TS90230
    • ArborTie Heavy Duty Tree Anchoring Kit ARB11467
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    • Easy and safe to install
    • Provides maximum strength to trees in high wind areas
    • Sturdy and reusable eye anchors
    • Eye opening of diameter 1' (2.5cm) to hold the cord tightly
    • Soft propylene lengths/cords that do not damage barks
    • Resists strain and bad weather
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 11467 ArborTie Heavy Duty Tree Anchoring Kit

    The ArborTie Heavy Duty Tree Anchoring Kit is an amazing tool kit that helps secure trees particularly in high wind areas, or larger trees that require additional support. This easy-to-install equipment can be effectively used for cabling, bracing and tree support purposes.

    Great Features: This gadget comes as a single package consisting of 3 steel eye anchors that are screwed underground till the Arbor tie rods have a firm hold on the ground. There are three 10’ lengths of ArborTie Green in the package as well that assist in anchoring trees up to 6’ in caliper. The lengths are made of polypropylene and have round soft edges that prevent bark damage.

    Resistant to External Changes: The heavy-duty anchoring kit can withstand high winds, bad weather and pressure easily. Thus providing the required strength and support to the trees, despite the weather conditions.

    Versatility: From nurseries to larger trees, this anchoring kit can be used for multiple purposes due to its reliable features. It is best for staking and tree guying purposes in high wind or high altitude areas.

    Safe for Trees: This kit provides damage and hassle free solution for tree anchoring. It does not break or unravel after it is fastened with ties, knots or nails. The soft and round-edged lengths do not cut deep into the barks, and thus become a safe haven for trees that need support.