Sherrilltree 11435 AlturnaMATS Outrigger Pad

    By Sherrilltree | Mfr#: 11435 | Tiger#: TS90226
    • Outrigger Pad ALT31646
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    • Safety textured tread surface to support items 
    • Non-conductive and non-magnetic properties
    • Resistant to oil, water, temperature & chemicals
    • Load bearing capacity of up to 140,000lbs
    • Safety orange handles for safe grip 
    • Strong surface that doesn't delaminate 
    • Elastic handles & surface that do not warp after bending
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    Overview for Sherrilltree 11435 AlturnaMATS Outrigger Pad

    The AlturnaMATS OutRigger PAD is a high-load safety pad used with outriggers, stabilizers and down-jacks. It is a purpose-built pad manufactured to fully support heavy-duty machinery like aerial lifts, cranes, bucket trucks, and boats. It is so resilient that it does not warp, splinter or bend upon pressure when put under machinery’s outriggers.

    Simple Design: It is a simple square shaped pad with highly elastic handles on top. The bright handles do not break upon bending and provide the best maneuverability. The tread surface of the outrigger pad is strong and safety-textured to provide full stability and grip to the equipment being held.

    Lightweight & Resistant: The aerial lift pad itself is lighter in weight, yet can bear loads of up to 140,000lbs. It is highly resistant to chemicals, water, oil, corrosion and temperature. Thus, making it a good and long-lasting choice for high-load items.

    No Delamination & Bending: The high-strength and flexible outrigger pad neither delaminates, nor bends upon external impact. It prevents the equipment from falling while ensuring that the ground underneath doesn’t shift.

    Product Choices:

    Alongwith all these amazing features, it also comes with variations in sizes. Thus, making it a good choice for heavy-duty purposes.

    • 11435: OutRigger PAD 15" x 15" x 1"
    • 36038: OutRigger PAD 36" x 36" x 2"
    • 31646: OutRigger PAD 24" x 24" x 1"
    • 31645: OutRigger PAD 18" x 18" x 1"