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    Amerex B417T ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

    By Amerex | Mfr#: B417T | Tiger#: TS79978
    ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher PEC85472


    • Safe for Class A, B, and C fires
    • Uses a specialized dry chemical agent
    • Available in 4 models
    • Discharge time: 10 to 30 seconds
    • Nozzle or hose design
    • Brass or aluminum valve body 
    • Vehicle/marine or wall bracket
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    Overview for Amerex B417T ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

    Safely put out most types of fire with the ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher by Amerex, a leading manufacturer of quality and durable fire extinguishers. Available in four models, this fire extinguisher uses a unique extinguishing agent that does not conduct electricity and effectively clings to surfaces and smothers flames. 

    Safe for different types of fire

    The ABC Fire Extinguisher uses a specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical that’s safe to use on Class A (wood, paper, cloth, trash, most plastics, rubber); Class B (flammable liquids e.g. kerosene, solvents, gasoline, paint, gases); and Class C (live electrical equipment e.g. electrical appliances, lamps, computers) fires. 

    It chemically insulates Class A and C fires by melting at approximately 350°F and coating the surface to which it is applied. It also quickly smothers and breaks the chain reaction of Class B fires without conducting electricity back to the operator. Because it effectively extinguishes 3 types of fires, this multi-purpose fire extinguisher is an ideal choice for a wide range of establishments including government offices, schools, hospitals, public spaces, and commercial buildings.

    Rugged, reliable build

    Amerex is known for its quality and safe fire extinguishers with the latest industry innovation. The ABC Fire Extinguishers are made of dependable drawn steel cylinders with an equally reliable all-metal valve construction. Models are either made of brass valve (heavy-duty) with a stainless-steel handle and lever, or aluminum valve (light- to medium-duty) with an anodized aluminum body, handle, and lever. With a stored pressure design and a durable, high-gloss polyester powder paint, these extinguishers are safe to use from -40°F to 120°F. 

    As with all Amerex products, the ABC Fire Extinguishers are ANSI/UL approved, manufactured to standards under ISO-9002, and contain required HMIS information. 

     Configuration Options

    The ABC Fire Extinguisher comes in four models with varying capacity, discharge time, UL Rating, and range. You can refer to the table below for the differences between each model. Once you’ve picked your choice, please select your preference from the menu above. 

    • B417T: Amerex ABC Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lbs capacity, Nozzle
    • B500T: Amerex ABC Fire Extinguisher, 5 lbs capacity, Hose
    • B456: Amerex ABC Fire Extinguisher, 10 lbs capacity, Hose
    • 423: Amerex ABC Fire Extinguisher, 20 lbs capacity, Hose