Amerex 322 5 lbs CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C)

    By Amerex | Mfr#: 322 | Tiger#: TS87744


    • CO2 smothers fire by eliminating oxygen without leaving any residue
    • ŸSafe against flammable liquids and electrical equipment
    • ŸAvailable options: Magnetic and non-magnetic
    • ŸUL rating: 5B:C
    • ŸDurable all-metal construction with powder-coated paint for extra protection
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    Overview for Amerex 322 5 lbs CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C)

    The Amerex 322 5 lbs CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C) uses carbon dioxide, a clean, zero-residue chemical, to stop Class B fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, butane, and propane. Because it’s non-conductive, it’s also safe for use on electrical equipment. CO2 fire extinguishers are often used in laboratories, mechanical rooms, servers, and storage areas of flammable liquids. It also has a non-magnetic model (322NM) for environments that need a fire extinguisher that is not susceptible to magnetic force, such as MRI rooms, computer server rooms, and more. 

    Superior firefighting power. Carbon dioxide is a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas that looks like dry ice when discharged from the extinguisher. This “cloud” of CO2 smothers the fire by removing the oxygen in the air around it. Carbon dioxide is extremely cold as it is discharged, helping to cool the fuel as well. When discharged, it can last for 9 seconds and reach 3-8 feet. With a 5B:C UL rating, the Amerex 322 can fight 5 square feet of Class B fire. Please note that since CO2 extinguishers remove oxygen in the air, it can cause asphyxiation in a confined space. Discharge it and then walk away from the area. 

    User-friendly design. The Amerex 322 CO2 extinguisher is designed to be easy to use to ensure successful and safe fire suppression. It comes factory-charged and ready to use, with a stainless-steel pull pin and a large loop for easy pulling. It features a tube and horn specially designed to safely and easily discharge the gas. All Amerex extinguishers are QR-coded and have bilingual labels. The non-magnetic model has a sanitary white paint finish that is easy to clean and protects it from corrosion. The carbon dioxide gas does not leave a residue, eliminating tedious clean-up after use. 

    Rugged, reliable build. Amerex is known for its high-quality fire extinguishers that are guaranteed to last long with proper maintenance and service. The 322 CO2 extinguisher features a rust-proof aluminum cylinder, durable high-gloss polyester powder paint, and heavy-duty all-metal valve construction. The Amerex CO2 fire extinguishers are safe to use in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 120°F.   

    Configuration Options

    The Amerex 322 5 lbs CO2 Fire Extinguisher is available in magnetic and non-magnetic models. The non-magnetic model is independently-tested and approved for use in MRI facilities to 11.7 Tesla. Please choose your preferred model from the menu above to place your order.

    • 322: Amerex 322 5 lbs CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C), Magnetic, Wall Bracket
    • 322NM: Amerex 322 5 lbs CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C), Non-magnetic, Non-magnetic Wall Bracket