Fluke 4022258 481 Radiation Survey Meter *DISCONTINUED*

    By Fluke | Mfr#: 4022258 | Tiger#: TS50130


    • Choice of 2 measurement types
    • 30% more accurate than other available meters
    • Ion-chamber detector type
    • Accuracy of ±10%
    • Detects Beta above 100 keV, gamma above 7 keV, and X-ray radiation
    • Volume air ionization chamber: 349 cc
    • IP40 rating solid object protected
    • Emissions Classification: Group 1, Class A
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    Overview for Fluke 4022258 481 Radiation Survey Meter

    30 percent more accurate than other available meters, the Fluke 481 Radiation Survey Meter is a practical device for measuring the presence and biological effects of radiation in goods, equipment, surfaces, and environments in industrial settings. It provides a precise and significant result which aids in remediating contaminants and safety problems without affecting execution. With a ±10 percent accuracy, the Fluke 481 is able to detect radiation of beta (skin-dose) above 100 kiloelectron (keV) and gamma (deep-dose) above 7 kiloelectron and X-ray radiation.

    This radiation detector features an ion-chamber detector type that identifies within a two to eight-second response time depending on the measuring range. Also, the 482 detection meter features a 349 cc volume air ionization chamber, 246 mg/cm2 chamber wall and a 6.6 mg/cm2 chamber window. For an easy detection, it features auto-zeroing, auto-ranging, and auto-backlight.

    With an IP40 rating, the Fluke 481 is protected from solid objects. This Fluke radiation detection meter comes with a backlit LCD display that shows both analog and digital readouts for easy data reading. Plus, it features a Pollution Degree 2 and a Group 1, Class A Emissions Classification.

    Configuration Options

    The Fluke 481 Radiation Survey Meter offers two meters that offer two different measurement types - dose and dose rate. Please choose from the drop-down menu above.

    • 4022247: Fluke 481 Radiation Survey Meter

    The Fluke 481 meter features a measuring range of 0 to 5 milliroentgens per hour (mR/h), 0 to 50 mR/h, 0 to 500 mR/h, 0 to 5 roentgen per hour (R/h), and 0 to 50 R/h. Also, this meter measures the radiation absorbed by the material or tissue.

    • 4022258: Fluke 481-DESI Radiation Survey Meter

    The Fluke 481-DESI offers a measuring range of 0 to 50 microsievert per hour (μSv/h), 0 to 500 μSv/h, 0 to 5 millisievert (mSv/h), 0 to 50 mSv/h, 0 to 500 mSv/h. This survey meter expresses the unit for the dose rate of that absorbed radiation. Plus, it includes a temperature sensor that adjusts offset drift caused by uncorrected temperature data changes in air density.