Amerex 630 33 Gallon AR-AFFF ATC Premix Foam Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class A:B) *DISCONTINUED*

    By Amerex | Mfr#: 630 | Tiger#: TS90017


    • Alcohol-resistant AFFF ATC foam for polar solvents and alcohol liquids
    • Available Options: Standard Steel Wheels or Steel Wheels with Non-Sparking Rubber Treads
    • Heavy-duty steel cylinder
    • Meets NFPA guidelines for use in H-1 category helipads
    • USCG-approved
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    Overview for Amerex 630 33 Gallon AR-AFFF ATC Premix Foam Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class A:B)

    The Amerex 630 33 Gallon AR-AFFF ATC Premix Foam Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class A:B) is a large-capacity, mobile extinguisher that uses a premixed alcohol-resistant (AR) AFFF to suppress Class A (ordinary combustibles) and B (flammable gas and liquid) fires, even those involving polar solvents, alcohols, and hydrocarbons. This agent is often used to minimizes the change of serious fire in non-ignited Class B liquid spills such as in vehicular accidents. This makes it ideal for emergency first response vehicles, aircraft hangars, pumping stations, warehouses, and any facility with large amounts of Class A and B combustibles. The ATC foam is pressurized by a DOT/TC nitrogen cylinder and does not leave powder residue, making cleanup a lot easier than with other agents. 

    The Amerex 630 meets NFPA 418 requirements for H-1 category helipads including those in healthcare facilities. Please make sure to check under NFPA 418 guidelines which helipad classification applies to your installation. 

    Alcohol-resistant. Alcohol liquids or polar solvents destroy any foam blanket that standard AFFF concentrates generate. The AR-AFFF ATC was developed as a solution to this problem. When applied to the polar solvent fuel, the ATC foam forms a physical barrier between the fuel surface and foam blanket, effectively stopping the alcohol fuel from destroying the blanket. 

    Multi-pronged fire attack. Like other foam agents, the ATC uses a variety of mechanisms to stop a fire. It produces an aqueous film that blankets the fuel surface and smothers the fire. This blanket also separates the ignition source from the fuel surface, and it cools down the fuel and any adjacent metal surfaces. It also prevents reignition by stopping the release of flammable vapors that can mix with air. 

    The Amerex 630 has a UL rating of 20A:160B, which means that its firefighting power equals that of 25 gallons of water, and it can suppress 160 square feet of Class B fires. Note that this agent is electrically conductive and must not be used in fires involving electrical equipment. The Amerex 630 has a discharge range of 30-40 feet and can last for 60 seconds. 

    Rugged construction. The Amerex 630 is made of a stainless-steel shell that will not corrode from the foam and water, unlike other competing fire extinguishers. The carriage and hose rack are also made of heavy-duty steel. The agent cylinders fill cap, nitrogen cylinders valve, and hose fitting are all made of brass which is more durable than aluminum. The collar is made of stainless steel. The discharge valve features an all-metal live swivel.

    Configuration Options

    The Amerex 630 33 Gallon AR-AFFF ATC Premix Foam Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is available in standard steel wheels or steel wheels with non-sparking rubber treads. The rubber treads are ideal if you move the unit across metal surfaces. 

    • 630: Standard Steel Wheels
    • 630R: Steel Wheels with Non-Sparking Rubber Treads

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