Amerex 16592 150 lbs Halon 1211 Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class ABC) *DISCONTINUED*

    By Amerex | Mfr#: 16592 | Tiger#: TS90109


    • Zero-residue Halon extinguishing agent for Class A, B, and C fires 
    • UL rating: 30A:240B:C
    • Available Options: Pneumatic or Semi-Pneumatic Wheels
    • Heavy-duty steel cylinder, carriage, and hose rack
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    Overview for Amerex 16592 150 lbs Halon 1211 Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class ABC)

    The Amerex 600K 150 lbs Halon 1211 Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class ABC) is a large, multi-purpose mobile extinguisher designed to fight Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids and gases), and Class C (electrical equipment) fires without damaging computers, engines, arts, artifacts, and other high-value assets. This makes it ideal for museums, server rooms, manufacturing sites, warehouses, and even aircraft and marine vessels. The steel carriage with wheels makes it easy to move around in large facilities. The wheels can be either pneumatic or semi-pneumatic. 

    Superior firefighting power. The Amerex 600K has a high operating pressure of 200 PSI, giving it an impressive range of 30 to 40 feet, with a discharge time of up to 48 seconds. With a UL rating of 30A:240B:C, the Amerex 600K has the same firefighting power as 37.5 gallons of water, and it can stop 240 square feet of Class B fires. Halon 1211 is a liquefied gas used as a streaming agent. It extinguishes fire by breaking the chain reaction of the three elements of fire: oxygen, heat, and fuel. It has low toxicity, it quickly penetrates hard-to-reach areas, and it does not impair the operator’s vision. 

    Easy to operate. With the easy-rolling wheels and compact design of the carriage, a single operator can maneuver the Amerex 600K through narrow alleys and doorways. It has a built-in hose hanger that keeps the hose off the ground. The 50 feet hose has a ball-type shut-off nozzle that makes for an easy and quick discharge. The cylinder is labeled with a large instruction pictograph for quick reference. 

    Rugged construction. Like all Amerex extinguishers, the Amerex 600K is made of high-quality materials that ensure long shelf life. The cylinder, carriage, and hose rack are made of heavy-duty stainless steel painted with a corrosion-resistant yellow polyurethane finish. The operating valve is made of chrome-plated brass, and the pressure gauge is protected by a stainless-steel gauge guard. This fire extinguisher is safe to use at temperatures ranging from -65° to +120° F.

    With trusted quality from Amerex, the Amerex 600K 150 lbs Halon 1211 Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class ABC) is ideal in ensuring protection against different kinds of fire while preventing damages to high-value equipment and assets.

    Note: All reclaimed Halon 1211 is restored to original military specification, and all recycled gas is used as per the Montreal Protocol. 

    Configuration Options

    The Amerex 600K can come with either pneumatic or semi-pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic wheels are durable, air-pressurized wheels with a rubber exterior that can roll smoothly over gravel and other uneven surfaces. Semi-pneumatic wheels, while they look like pneumatic wheels, are made of molded rubber with a hollow core. Since it has no air pressure, the outer rubber is much thicker, and punctures will not cause the wheel to become flat. The downside to semi-pneumatic wheels is they are heavier than pneumatic wheels. 

    • 600K: Semi-Pneumatic Wheels
    • 16592: Pneumatic Wheels

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