Amerex 490 125 lbs Wheeled Stored Pressure Purple K Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C)

    By Amerex | Mfr#: 490 | Tiger#: TS90012


    • Wheeled, large-capacity Class B & C extinguisher
    • Uses potassium bicarbonate dry chemical agent
    • UL rating: 320B:C
    • Steel cylinder fixed to a steel trolley 
    • Easy-rolling, semi-pneumatic rubber tire wheels
    • USCG-approved
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    Overview for Amerex 490 125 lbs Wheeled Stored Pressure Purple K Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C)

    The Amerex 490 125 lbs Wheeled Stored Pressure Purple K Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C) is a mobile, large-capacity extinguisher for facilities with extra-high risks of large-scale Class B (flammable liquid/gas) and C (electrical equipment) fires. It uses 125 lbs of Purple K, a potassium bicarbonate dry chemical agent, to suppress as much as 320 square feet of Class B fires. Amerex stored pressure extinguishers are reliable and less expensive to purchase, maintain, and service than cartridge-operated units. With a cage-type design and well-balanced platform, the carriage of the Amerex 490 keeps the cylinder secured and protected during transportation and operation. The Amerex 490 is often used in large commercial and industrial spaces where mobile, high-capacity extinguishers are needed, such as oil refineries, construction sites, parking lots, loading docks, and manufacturing plants.

    Superior firefighting power. Purple K is a free-flowing, water-repellant, and non-abrasive agent that is proven to be at least 4 or 5 times as effective as carbon dioxide and more than twice as effective as sodium bicarbonate in suppressing fires. It does not produce toxic effects and does not conduct electricity. The Amerex 490 has a discharge range of 30-40 feet and a discharge time of 48 seconds.

    Easy to operate. The Amerex 490 has a compact design that makes it easy to maneuver and transport in narrow hallways, doorways, and confined spaces by a single operator. The 16” semi-pneumatic rubber tires of the Amerex 490 are easy to use on rough, uneven terrains. It comes with a 50 ft hose for easy and safe agent application and a couple of holes for lifting the carriage when needed. The stored pressure design keeps the chemical and pressure sealed in the agent cylinder, always protected from contamination and ready for discharge anytime. The agent cylinder is labeled with a large instruction pictogram for quick reference and a UL/ULC label with a QR code. The large fill opening makes the Amerex 490 easy to service. 

    Rugged. Like all Amerex extinguishers, the Amerex 490 is made of high-quality materials that ensure long shelf life. The agent cylinder, carriage, and hose rack are made of heavy-duty stainless steel painted with a corrosion-resistant finish. The valve is made of durable chrome-plated brass. It also has stainless-steel fasteners, stainless-steel gauge guards, chrome-forged brass fill cap, brass hose fitting, and live swivel on the discharge valve. The Amerex 490 is safe to use at temperatures ranging from -65º to 120º.  

    With the quality you’d expect from Amerex, the Amerex 490 125 lbs Stored Pressure Wheeled Purple K Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C) provides excellent fire protection for extra-high hazard areas with single-person transport and operation. 

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