Amerex 334 100 lbs Carbon Dioxide Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C)

    By Amerex | Mfr#: 334 | Tiger#: TS90006


    • Non-contaminating odorless CO2 agent
    • UL Rating: 20B:C
    • Heavy-duty steel carriage 
    • 16” semi-pneumatic wheels
    • Discharge range: 10-15 feet
    • USCG-approved
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    Overview for Amerex 334 100 lbs Carbon Dioxide Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C)

    The Amerex 334 100 lbs Carbon Dioxide Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (Class B:C) is a rugged, mobile, and easy-to-operate extinguisher that uses carbon dioxide to suppress Class B (flammable gas/liquid) and Class C (electrical equipment) fires. The steel carriage with easy-to-move 16” steel wheels allows one person to transport the extinguisher to the fire scene. Because carbon dioxide is non-contaminating, it is the obvious choice for sites with sensitive equipment and machines and where hand-portable extinguishers, which tend to be smaller in size, do not provide adequate protection. 

    Superior firefighting power. The Amerex 334 uses 100 lbs of pressurized CO2, a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas that looks like dry ice when discharged from the extinguisher. When discharged, it transforms into a “white cloud” of ice-cold gas that smothers the fire by removing the oxygen in the air around it. Carbon dioxide is also extremely cold which helps to cool the fuel as well. The Amerex 334 can discharge the CO2 agent within a range of 10-15 ft. for as long as 74 +-8 seconds. Once the CO2 has successfully extinguished the fire, it will dissipate into the atmosphere without leaving any residue that can damage machines. Being a “clean” agent is a big advantage for expensive electronic equipment. With a 20B:C UL rating, the Amerex 334 can suppress 20 square feet of Class B fire. 

    User-friendly design. The Amerex 334 is easy to operate with a “quick opening” T-handle brass valve and horn-mounted shut-off valve. It is also easy to transport even on uneven surfaces thanks to the semi-pneumatic rubber wheels. 

    Rugged construction. From the carriage to the cylinder, the Amerex 334 is made of high-quality materials that guarantee long shelf life. The DOT/TC heavy-duty steel cylinder has a heavy-duty brass valve and chrome-plated brass discharge valve, and the reinforced wire-braided hose has a shock-resistant horn that reduces static electricity. Hose fittings are also made of brass. The Amerex CO2 wheeled extinguishers are safe to use in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 120°F.  

    With a clean, non-contaminating agent that suppresses Class B and C fires quickly and safely, the Amerex 334 100 lbs Carbon Dioxide Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is ideal for superior fire suppression and excellent mobility in sites with high-value equipment and machinery. 

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