Rolatape 32-401 10,000' Range 15.5" Measuring Wheel w/ Adjustable Handle *DISCONTINUED*

    By Rolatape | Mfr#: 32-401 | Tiger#: TS23019


    • Range up to 10,000 feet/meters
    • Adjustable handle: 23.5 to 47 inches
    • 15.5-inch diameter wheel
    • Mechanical counter with reset button
    • Wheel circumference: 4 feet
    • Belt-driven system
    • Handle folds and locks for secure transport
    • Features wheel brakes
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    Overview for Rolatape 32-401 10,000' Range 15.5" Measuring Wheel w/ Adjustable Handle

    The Rolatape 32-401 Measuring Wheel is a rugged all-purpose measuring tool for calculating distance on smooth and rough terrain.  Its 15.5 inch wheel measures in feet and inches up to 10,000 feet.  The calculated numbers are magnified by the 5-digit counter, making them easy to read.  It also has a reset knob to quickly set the numbers back to zero if necessary.  This tool also allows effortless transport from one location to another by using the wheel brake, collapsing the unit to 24 inches, and locking it securely in place.  Plus, there is it comes with a convenient kickstand.  This is an excellent tool for law enforcement, custodians, construction workers, real estate, and insurance professionals. 

    A Multipurpose Measuring Tool

    The Rolatape 32-401 Measuring Wheel is versatile and equipped for use in a wide variety of professions.  Its precision is useful for those in law enforcement when measuring exact distances of items or vehicles at the scene of an accident or crime.  Utilities workers can use it to determine the required length of wiring or piping.  It is also ideal for road or general construction sites to assess acres, lengths, or distances between items.  In general, this device is resourceful for any outdoor situation that requires precise measurements.

    Built for Rugged Terrain

    The well-designed Rolatape 32-401 Measuring Wheel is capable of handling both smooth and harsh terrain.  Its heavy-duty large wheel traverses dips and climbs slopes with ease.   Use it for something as simple as measuring the exterior of a home or as complex as measuring for an entire construction site.  It can also be used for smooth sidewalks or for rough unpaved highways.  This tool can navigate any terrain while maintaining dependable measurements.

    Easy Transport and Storage

    The Rolatape 32-401 Measuring Wheel is easy to transport or store – even if you need to preserve the measurements.  To store or transport it, simply press the brake.  This halts the counter so that it preserves the present tally.   Then, collapse the tool to its compact size, and use the handle lock to secure the entire device.  Now you can safely store or transport the device knowing that it will maintain the current count.  Alternatively, you can set the counter back to zero by using the reset knob.

    The Rolatape 32-401 Measuring Wheel includes a convenient kickstand and a 5 year limited warranty. 

    Product Variations:

    The 32-401 Measuring Wheel has three different models having different measurement units.

    • 32-401: Measuring Wheel with Feet/Inches Scale
    • 32-401M: Measuring Wheel with Metric Scale
    • 32-401T: Measuring Wheel with 10ths scale