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Spectra Pipe Laser DG613 Series

January, 15 2020

Spectra DG613 Pipe Lasers

Spectra's DG613 Pipe Laser is an excellent option for laying down pipe.  They are a dependable piece of equipment that proffesionals rely on to ensure faster and accurate grading calculations in sewers, linear pipe runs, and wastewater.  The DG613 series also includes robust features such as line set, line scan, and line alert which speed up productivity and elimnate the room for error on the job site. 


Spectra's DG613 Main  Product Specfications

  • Range: 500 Feet
  • Accuracy: 10 Arc Seconds 
  • Grade: -12% to +40%
  • Battery Life: 40 to 50 hours 
  • Color: Green or Red Beam
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes

DG613 Feature Highlight

The Spot Align Funtion - The spot align function is used for quick and automatic alignment from manhole to manhole. 

  1. Turn on the laser and postion the laser into the manhole invert. 
  2. Press and release the M button, and than the E button. Select the desired grade you need. The pipe laser will self level. 
  3. Turn on the SF803 spot finder with the pole adapter. 
  4. Press the M button to enter the menu, and select spot align. Press E to begin the spot align. 
  5. All LEDS on teh SF803 means that it is complete. 
  6. When the beam stops flashing, you can begin laying pipe. 

Spectra DG613 Video