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How to Stay Safe in the Wilderness

December, 20 2019
There are times when surveyors must do work in remote locations. It could be a survey plat of a 1200-acre parcel in a heavily wooded area for example. Depending on your location, it is very possible to run into wildlife such as bears, mountain lions, moose, snakes, etc. Even more of threat is the risk of falling and hurting yourself.

When out in the wilderness, it is smart to be prepared just in case sh*t happens. We recommend carrying bear spray, an airhorn, med-kit, knife, handheld GPS device, and of course your cellphone. In addition, to each is their own with a firearm. When you have a corner that takes 12 or 14 hours to find and tie, you don't go back to the truck without a good reason. It’s best to be prepared for unexpected.

All surveyors are responsible for their own safety. If it's not safe, pull out. Surveyors working alone must use extra caution.
Tips to manage wildlife:
  • Check your back every so often. Mountain lions and bears tend to track people/prey.
  • Make plenty of noise as no animal likes to be surprised. If you do happen to startle an animal and it becomes aggressive, back away, keeping your eyes on the animal.
  • Respect bears space. They are cordial for the most part if you do so and do not approach mama bear’s cubs! 
  • Wear snake gators if applicable. If you get bit by a rattle snake, you are going to be in some hot water.