Rotary Lasers

    Rotary laser levels or self-leveling lasers are a contractor’s best friend when it comes to easily and automatically performing leveling jobs inside or out. They adjust to minor surface variations to provide extremely accurate leveling lines at fractions of an inch. It is called rotary laser because the center spins, emitting a 360-degree level line around the entire area. Self-leveling lasers help construction professionals figure out levels, distances, alignment and points when working on anything from drop-ceilings and framework leveling to concrete forms and setting foundations and footings so that everything is built with the highest precision.

    Advantages and Types of Self Leveling Lasers

    Rotary laser levels come with a variety of different options. Choose green beam for the clearest indoor visibility or choose red beam for use indoors or out. When outside, it’s best to use a laser receiver or detector to help you pick up the rotary laser beams that aren’t as visible in bright sunlight.

    Now that the basics are out of the way, you can select from options such as distance and accuracy. Many rotary laser levels have options for manual slope, plumb references, laser pointers and even allow for vertical leveling. All are extremely durable and weather-resistance and have mounting options for tripods and even wall mounts. And don’t worry about climbing a ladder to control the laser level – you can use the self-leveling laser’s remote control!

    Applications of Rotary Laser Level

    All types of construction work can be done using a self-leveling laser level - from cabinetry layout, site grading, pouring concrete, installing chair rails and fences, laying out foundations, installing drop-ceilings and more. All rotary lasers work well indoors, but if you want to work outside, your laser receiver or detector will not only help you find the beam but can extend the lasers’ range for larger open spaces. Even if there are other lasers on your job site, these self-leveling laser beams can target only the receiver you are aiming at without interference!

    CST/Berger Rotary Laser boasts top and leading features with the most durable construction. Enjoy shopping!



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