Surveying Prisms unleash the full potential of electronic distance measuring devices (such as total stations) by increasing their range and accuracy. Surveying prisms come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. All the prisms have a high-quality optical reflective glass covered with a coating that resists and protects your prism from dirt, scratches, and fogging. It also maintains surveying prisms’ degrees of reflection. Whatever prism you decide on, you will be more than satisfied with the useful and efficient features our survey prisms have to offer.

    Features and Types of Survey Prisms

    When selecting a survey prism you may consider the diameter, offset, and accuracy of the surveying prism. If working in low light conditions, we offer prisms with a strobe light built-in. We have options for purchasing an entire prism assembly and kit, or just the target or canister. For robotic total stations, we offer a variety of 360-degree prisms with high accuracy. Additionally, mini prisms provide a high positional accuracy, due to their small size, and come with various options such as attached leveling vials and sliding prism poles. These survey prisms are compact and can be easily transported. Flat prisms are comparable to mini prisms in that they provide a similar distance range except with a dual-sided reflector. Finally, right angle prisms reflect angles of 90 or 180 degrees and make it possible to stake out right angles.

    Here at Tiger Supplies, we carry various surveying prisms, including standard prisms, triple prisms, 360-degree prisms, mini prisms, flat prisms, and right angle and penta prisms. We carry popular brands such as CST/Berger, Leica, Seco, and Sokkia.

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