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    Tiger Supplies offers different types of trimmers and cutting tools that can handle substrates from rigid to semi-rigid. It includes paper trimmers, rotary trimmers, and foamboard trimmers which are suitable for cutting materials, such as paper, foam core, matboard, vinyl, film, and more. All are precision made and affordably priced.

    These cutting tools comes in different variations with special features to cater to certain user and project needs. The choices include certain types for high-volume production, for over-sized materials, and high-precision standards. These tools could also be wall-mounted, used on a tabletop, or even portable, providing the best comfort and productivity for the professionals.

    Rotary trimmers are best for use with materials that can be cut with a pair of scissors. This cutter provides ease and precision in cutting large sizes of these materials. When the materials to be cut require a utility blade to cut it, a cutter bar or vertical cutter is the perfect tool to use with it.

    Select the model that fits your needs best. We also offer a complete line of self-healing cutting mats, hobby and craft knives, and straightedges designed for cutting.

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