PROTRACTORS are used for measuring and laying  off  angles other than those that may be drawn  with  the triangle or a combination of triangles. Most of the work you will do involving the use of the protractor will involve plotting information  obtained from field surveys.

    Like the triangle, most protractors are made
    of transparent plastic. They are available in 6-, 8-, and 10" sizes and are either circular or semicircular in shape.

    Protractors used by the EA are usually graduated in increments of  1/2°.   By careful estimation, angles of 1/4° may be obtained. Protractor numbering arrangement  varies. Semicircular protractors are generally labeled from 0° to 180° in both directions. Circular protractors may be labeled from 0° to 360° (both clockwise and counterclockwise), or they may be labeled from 0° to 90° in four quadrants.

    Protractors should be stowed and cared for
    in the same manner as triangles.



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